This program's mission is to offer a forum to share successes and lessons learned to strengthen MAs and WEF.

WEFMAX Means WEF Member Association (MA) Exchange

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Recordings and presentations of past WEFMAX events are provided below.


Meet the Team!

Dave G. 2023.jpg
Dave Galbraith, HOD WEFMAX Committee Chair

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Leigh Thomas, HOD WEFMAX Committee Vice-Chair

Dianne Crilley, WEF Staff 

WEFMAX Library

WEFMAX St Petersburg – May 29-31, 2024
Meeting Notes:  Click Here
Day 1: Full Day Presentations
Day 2: Presentations

WEFMAX Park City – May 15-17, 2024
Meeting Notes:  Click Here
Day 1: Full Day Presentations | DC Fly-In Insights
Day 2: Presentations | Putting the WE in WEF - WEAU

WEFMAX Alexandria – April 10-12, 2024
Meeting Notes: Click Here
Day I:   Morning Presentations | Day 1: Afternoon Presentations
Day 2:  Presentations | DC Fly-In Insights

Virtual WEFMAX 2023 - July 20, 2023
The WEFMAX Committee celebrates the best of the best presentations from WEFMAX 2023 on topics related to Collaboration and Partnerships, Member Engagement and Service, and Leadership and Innovation. 

WEFMAX Charlottetown PEI Canada – May 24-26, 2023

WEFMAX Day 1 Presentations
WEF Message – Stephen Sanders (BOT)

MA Leadership and Innovation
- WEASC Leadership – Earl Sheppard (WEASC)
- RMWEA Innovative Technology Committee – Joe Tamburini RMWEA)
- Women in Leadership Roles – Julie Stokes (ACWWA)
- Leadership Retreat and Committee SOPs – Ellen Frketic (CWEA)
- YP Leadership and Mentoring – Tim Ware (FWEA)
WEF HOD Nominating Committee – Bill Davis (WEASC)
WEF Leadership and Innovation
- Stephen Sanders (WEF)
- Donnell Duncan (WEF HOD)
- Bill Davis (WEASC)
- Ama Richardson (WEF Staff)
- Janet Cann (WEF)
Brainstorming Solutions – Jeremy Brashears and Jeff Berlin

WEFMAX Day 2 Presentations
HOD Message – Donnell Duncan
DEI Committee Call = Amy Baker
Water Advocacy – Rosaleen Nogle
Host Session -

WEFMAX Denver, May 3-5, 2023
WEFMAX Day 1 Presentations


WEF Opening Message – Corey Williams (WEF)

Member Engagement and Development – Marc Rosso (NWEA)
Gaps in Member Engagement – Hannah Fodor (RMWEA)

What Do YPs/Eps Want from a Professional Organization? – Tina Sheikhzeinoddin (AWEA)

Member Association Staff day-to-day Needs – Leigh Blecki (VWEA)

HOD Nominating Committee Update – Scott Aurit (NWEA)
What Does Member Engagement Mean to WEF – Aimee Killeen (LWEA)

How Can 5S Engage Members – Scott Aurit (NWEA)

DE&I Network Call – Haley Goddard (PNCWA)

WEF Awards Engagement – Carol Martinson (RMWEA)

WEFMAX Day 2 Presentations

WEF HOD Message – Alexie Kindrick (HOD Speaker-Elect)

WEF HOD Committee/Workgroup Updates

WEFMAX Host Session – Communication – Kacie Allard and Elizabeth DeWaard (RMWEA)

WEFMAX Denver Notes

WEFMAX St Louis - April 12- 14, 2023

DE&I Spotlight – Katie Bruegge and Charles McAllister

MA Collaboration and Partnerships

Alabama | Missouri | Rocky Mountain | Central States |New England

WEF Collaboration
WEF Core Values | Leadership Institute | SYPC | DE&I Network Call

WEFMAX 2023 HOD Presentations
HOD MessageDonnell Duncan
Budget Committee | DEI Committee | Nominating Committee


WEF Messages:
Aimee Killeen - Honolulu | Janet Cann - Charleston | Diego Rosso - Fargo

HOD Message and Updates
Presented by Steven Drangsholt and Donnell Duncan
Committee and Workgroup updates presented by HOD Members

MA Code of Conduct
Presented by WEF Staff Renee Kayal in Hawaii and Kathleen Waugh in Fargo

WEF Strategic Plan Update
Presented by Walt Marlowe in Charleston


Virtual WEFMAX - July 21
What we learned 
Recording | Notes

FARGO, ND - June 1-3
Meeting NotesDE&I Workshop Training

MA Sharing
North Dakota WEA | Missouri WEA | Ohio WEA


CHARLESTON, SC - May 11-13
Meeting Notes

Emerging Leaders Workshop
Presentation | Presenters: Jeff Berlin & Nashita Naureen
Survey Results

Presentation | Presenters: Lauren McKnight & Paige Bensen (WEASC)
Presentation | Presenters: Sarah Vander Meulan & Hannah Palmer-Dwore                                             (RMWEA)
Presentation | Presenter: Tina Sheikhzeinoddin (AWEA)
Presentation | Presenter: Ashley Griffin (CWP-KT)

Presentation | Presenter: Nashita Naureen (on WEF Programs)

Presentation | Presenter: David Baize (WEASC)
Presentation | Presenter: Mark McKenny (CWP-KT)

Presentation | Presenter: Kin Hill (WEASC)

Presentation | Presenter: David Baize (WEASC)
Presentation | Presenter: Scott Foley (MWEA)
Presentation | Presenters: Robin Shrader & Kate Dehaan (IWEA)


HONOLULU, HI - April 20-22


Hawaii WEA | Presentation | Presenters: Alicia Suzuki & Kyle Yukumoto

Branding & Marketing Challenges
AZ WEA | Presentation | Presenter - Nashita Naureen

Communication Strategy + Video Messaging & Production
Rocky Mountain WEA | Presentation | Presenters: Kacie Allard & Hannah Fodor

Liberating Structures
Clean Water Professionals-KT | Presentation | Presenter: Dr. Jenny Retherford 

Rebranding Clean Water Professionals | Presentation | Presenter: Valerie Lucas

MA Sharing Session
Hawaii WEA - Alicia Suzuki & Kyle Yukumoto
Pennsylvania WEA - Presentation | Presenter: Lisa Webb
Clean Water Professionals - KT - Presentation | Presenter: Eboni Green



April 8, 2021    - Notes | Recording
April 22,  2021 - Notes | Recording
May 6, 2021     - Notes | Recording
May 27, 2021   - Notes | Recording

Host Presentations
WEA of Utah - John Richardson
Pennsylvania WEA - Christine Volkay-Hilditch & Jim Kern
Pacific Northwest CWA - Haley Falconer
Atlantic Canada WWA - Dr Jennie Rand

Making the Most of Your Virtual Conference
Central States WEA - David Arnott & Tracy Ekola
AZ WEA - Tom Galeziewski & Patty Kennedy

Operator Training Initiatives
Michigan WEA - Allison Wood
Rocky Mountain WEA - Edyta Stec-Uddin & Hannah Fodor

Retaining and Maintaining Members
New England WEA - Peter Garvey & Jim Barsanti
North Carolina AWWA-WEA - Tom Bach & Catrice Jones

MA Engagement with Academic Institutions
Clean Water Professionals - KT - Stefanie Farrell & Dr Jenny Retherford
New York WEA - Khris Dodson & Patricia Cerro-Reehil


May 21, 2020 - Notes | Recording
May 28, 2020 - Notes | Recording
June 3, 2020 -  Notes | Recording

WEF Message - Presentation
Jamie Eichenberger, WEF Vice President

Making Decisions in a Pandemic
Clean Water Professionals of KT- Paul Maron | Presentation
WEA of South Carolina - Bill Davis | Presentation

Diversity & Inclusion
Pacific Northwest CWA  - Rob Lee | Presentation
Central States WEA - Joe Lapastora | Presentation
Florida WEA – Tim Ware | Presentation

New England WEA – Sue Guswa & Mary Barry | Presentation
Virginia WEA - Shawn Heselton | Presentation

MA Sharing of Resources
Indiana WEA - Kylee Daily | Presentation
California WEA - Jenn Jones | Presentation
Chesapeake WEA – Tim Wolfe / & Laura Jo Oakes | Presentation



WEFMAX Host Resource Center

WEFMAX = WEF Member Association (MA) Exchange
WEFMAX is a budgeted annual program offering Member Association leaders an opportunity to attend one of four meetings each year that provides a forum to learn what is new from WEF and provides sessions for ongoing exchange of MA information.  Member Associations volunteer to jointly sponsor with WEF to host a WEFMAX meeting.

Selecting WEFMAX Hosts
All you need to do is let WEF know your MA is interested in hosting a specific year. Contact WEF Staff Dianne Crilley.  WEF schedules 3 years out. 

WEFMAX Historical Host List
This document shows the historical information i.e. host year/location/# of attendees for past WEFMAX's

Host Roles / Planning Guide
Host Meeting Role & Responsibilities 
Steps to Planning WEFMAX
Host Planning Timeline
Event Check List
Example Welcome Messages

Questions Often Asked
Tips & Pitfalls to Avoid

Support Helper Guideline Roles 
Microphone Helper | Scribe | Timekeeper  (Host to assign from the Host leadership)
Moderator (Host to assign a Moderator for the Host Session) 
(WEF to assign from the WEF Board and HOD Leadership...Moderators for all sessions but the Host Session)

Contact WEF Staff Dianne Crilley 703.684.2445