Throughout sections the U.S., there is a lack of familiarity with low impact development (LID) and green infrastructure — otherwise known as “green stormwater infrastructure”  — in the engineering and design community. This is especially true in areas where stormwater regulations have historically been fairly non-dynamic. LID design competitions give engineers, developers, landscape architects, and others a chance to gain experience with LID in a low-risk environment. Competitions can also break down perceived barriers to LID, such as performance and cost, and give the development and permitting community a chance to evaluate the benefits of using LID.  

On May 16 - 17, 2013 WEF hosted a 2-day LID design competition workshop funded by a Chesapeake Bay Trust grant. The workshop brought together representatives from both organizations with experience and those with an interest in holding such competitions. The goal was to address barriers and provide guidance for those who want to host an LID design competition in their region. This white paper offers an overview on various approaches to hosting an LID design competition based on input from the workshop.

Hosting a LID Design Competition White Paper

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