The On-demand Wastewater Library is a library of peer-reviewed Operator Fact Sheets and is focused on providing (where applicable) science-based principles and best management practices to be applied at today’s water resource facilities and utilities of the future.

WEF’s new line of operator training, Wastewater Treatment Fundamentals, helps operators prepare for the first three levels of certification examinations and qualify for continuing education credits.

These peer-reviewed resources represent the expertise of hundreds of water quality professionals. They align with updated Need-to-Know Criteria from the Association of Boards of Certification and are based on WEFs extensive existing resource collection, including Operation of Water Resource Recovery Facilities, MOP 11. After learning from real-life examples, users may actively apply the material they learn to situations they encounter in their day-to-day work.

These Operator Fact Sheets are summaries of the chapters found in Wastewater Treatment Fundamentals and serve as an introduction to the complete material contained therein.

Introduction to Wastewater Treatment [Chapter 1 Summary]

Wastewater Characteristics [Chapter 2 Summary]

Preliminary Treatment of Wastewater [Chapter 3 Summary] 

Primary Treatment of Wastewater [Chapter 4 Summary]

Fundamentals of Biological Treatment [Chapter 5 Summary]

Wastewater Treatment Ponds [Chapter 6 Summary] 

Fixed-Film Treatment [Chapter 7 Summary] 

Activated Sludge [Chapter 8 Summary]

Nutrient Removal [Chapter 9 Summary] 

 Disinfection [Chapter 10 Summary]