New WEF Handbook Covers Industrial Water Reclamation & Reuse

Industrial Water Reclamation and Reuse to Minimize Liquid Discharge serves as a comprehensive summary of water reclamation technologies and practices for minimizing liquid discharge for a broad range of industries. It begins with an overview of factors influencing industry to seek to minimize liquid discharges, followed by a review of alternative technologies, performance expectations, management framework, sustainability tools, and concludes with case studies with input from academia, equipment manufacturers, consultants, and industry. 

This publication will be of use to practitioners, consultants, management, and R&D professionals who want a timely update on the technologies in use and on those technologies on the horizon to provide the highest rates of water recovery in industrial practice.  The industrial sectors covered include the oil and gas sector (unconventional oil and gas, produced and petroleum refining water), pharmaceutical, textile, automotive, manufacturing, energy, and food and beverage. The book covers a much broader perspective than North America, including technology development and sustainable applications within the water-scarce yet growing regions of Central and South America, Asia, and the Middle East. 

Key Features & Benefits:

  • A vital reference for both those new and experienced practitioners in the field of industrial water reuse 
  • Provides an extensive overview of the current industrial water conservation landscape 
  • Explores the business case for industrial water conservation projects 
  • Detailed case studies from around the world of full-scale industrial water reuse applications across six industrial sectors 
  • Provides information in the context of specific industrial sectors 
  • Far-reaching technology review covering dozens of water treatment technologies 


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Access Water | Industrial Water Reclamation and Reuse to Minimize Liquid Discharge

Industrial Water Reclamation and Reuse To Minimize Liquid Discharge

Table of Contents:  

Chapter 1: Introduction 

Chapter 2: Planning for Water Recycling and Reuse 

Chapter 3: Fundamentals 

Chapter 4: Advanced Oxidation Technologies 

Chapter 5: Desalination and Brine Management 

Chapter 6: Minimum Liquid Discharge Technology Applications—Food and Beverage 

Chapter 7: Technology Development Pilots 


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