This new edition will provide methods on applying processes and new technologies for evaluation and rehabilitation, and how to incorporate the results into the design and maintenance of existing sewer facilities.

Fully revised and updated, this authoritative volume offers the most comprehensive information available on maintenance, repair, rehabilitation, and replacement of existing sewers. This definitive guide covers sewer evaluation and monitoring, sewer rehabilitation methods and materials, and quality assurance. The Fourth Edition features new material on tools and procedures for pipe evaluation, infiltration and inflow problems and detection, rehabilitation materials and methods, and effective repair techniques. It is intended to be a comprehensive and useful source of practical design information for the practicing design professional. This is a must-have resource for all sewer system professionals.
Existing Sewer Evaluation and Rehabilitation, MOP FD-6, 4th Edition Covers
  • Current regulations and guidelines
  • Capacity, structural, and maintenance-related problems
  • Site inspection and testing
  • Methods of structural evaluation, including closed-circuit television, sonar, and laser-based scanning
  • Sewer flow monitoring and sewer system hydraulics
  • Infiltration and inflow source detection
  • Selection of sewer rehabilitation methods and materials
  • Evaluation of sewer rehabilitation effectiveness documentation, quality assurance, and return-on-investment

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Systematic Approach to Evaluation and 
Chapter 3 Methods of Structural Evaluation 
Chapter 4 Methods of Hydraulic Evaluation 
Chapter 5 Infiltration and Inflow Source Detection 
Chapter 6 Selection of Sewer Rehabilitation Methods 
and Materials
Chapter 7 Effectiveness of Sewer Rehabilitation


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