Learn to reduce energy costs and increase resource recovery income.

Energy in Water Resource Recovery Facilities, 2nd Edition (MOP 32) is intended to serve as a principal reference for contemporary practice for the energy-conscious design of water resource recovery facilities (WRRFs). It discusses principles and concepts of energy sources and their uses in the transport, treatment, and recovery of water and water resources. The manual also addresses utility billing procedures and incentives as well as energy considerations for a variety of equipment and processes, such as electric motors and transformers, pumps, controls, aeration systems, blowers, energy generation, and solids processes.   

Energy is often a major category of the cost associated with wastewater treatment—this manual provides insights that can reduce those costs by 10 to 50% or more. Revenues from resource recovery can also provide a stream of income that will support other improvement activities within a water resource recovery facility. 


Features & Benefits:

  • A useful primer for those seeking a greater understanding of efficient energy usage in the sector 
  • Includes many insights to help reduce operation costs for a WRRF 
  • An important reference for both design and operation of a modern WRRF 
  • New edition brings increased focus on WRRF efforts to achieve “net zero” energy


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Table of Contents:  

Chapter 1: Introduction 

Chapter 2: Energy Management

Chapter 3: Energy and Power

Chapter 4: An Overview of Energy Use at Water Resource Recovery Facilities

Chapter 5: Pumping Systems

Chapter 6: Mixing

Chapter 7: Aeration Systems

Chapter 8: Blowers

Chapter 9: Process Controls

Chapter 10: Digester Gas to Energy Systems

Chapter 11: Renewable Energy

Chapter 12: Looking Forward


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