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This Manual of Practice presents current design considerations for wastewater and stormwater pumping stations. It covers station capacity requirements and configuration, the selection and design of pumping equipment, piping system layout and hydraulic considerations, electrical and instrumentation systems design, and other station appurtenances. 

Intended for design professionals, it addresses design of stations of all sizes and highlights the differences between wastewater and stormwater stations. 

This manual was originally published in 1993. There have been tremendous strides made in technology available to the design engineer, as well as new standards that must be met, both on a federal and state level.

Some of the updates are as follows: 

  • Incorporates the use of new tools for analyzing computational fluid dynamics and modeling I/I. 
  • Adds additional parameters and scenarios to the design, other than just peak flow, and addresses impacts on the overall system, rather than just the station itself. 
  • Added larger stormwater pump station (>1000 cfs) discussion to the manual and addressed unique impacts to coastal communities. 
  • Added more information regarding design considerations, such as minor losses and other hydraulic considerations. 
  • Updated pipe material not widely used, or even available, in the early 1990’s. 
  • Updated electrical standards based on NFPA and IEEE, including addressing arc flash hazards. 
  • Discussed options concerning the use of VFDs. 
  • Added information regarding updated technology with instrumentation and SCADA. 
  • Added new technology regarding screening technologies, odor control, and hoist options. 

This manual will be a great tool for the design engineer to utilize while designing these important infrastructure elements for municipalities and/or water and flood districts. With this updated manual, the design engineer will be able to provide a more efficient and cost-effective solution to improving the quality of our water and the protection of lives and property 

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Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 Introduction 

Chapter 2 Station Capacity 

Chapter 3 Station Configuration and Design 

Chapter 4 Pumping Systems 

Chapter 5 Piping Systems 

Chapter 6 Electrical Design 

Chapter 7 Instrumentation and Control Systems 

Chapter 8 Appurtenances 

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