Learn the best practices for the continued operation of Stormwater Control Measures for your stormwater programs

The effectiveness of stormwater management programs depends largely on how well and how safely stormwater control measures (SCMs) perform over time. The importance of maintenance and the significant numbers of SCMs have created the need for guidance on how stormwater programs must adapt to address evolving SCM design and maintenance requirements, climate change and resilience, and integration of asset management concepts to reduce long-term program costs. This manual meets that need with best practices for maintenance programs, as well as case studies to show how a variety of utilities have implemented them. The material covered will be of particular use to designers of SCMs, utility managers, and O&M staff. 


Urban Stormwater Controls Operation and Maintenance includes: 

  • A one-stop source of information for all stormwater control measures (SCMs) maintenance needs 
  • Covers all elements of a stormwater maintenance program, from program development to detailed O&M protocols, to asset management, costs, equipment, and tools to implement a successful program 
  • Contains vital info for SCM designers, utility managers, and O&M staff 
  • Addresses program and regulatory requirements for SCMs 


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Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 Introduction—Fernando Pasquel

Chapter 2 Program Development and Regulatory Framework

Chapter 3 Design and Construction Maintenance Considerations

Chapter 4 Conventional Stormwater Control Measures and Green Infrastructure Maintenance

Chapter 5 Inspection and Maintenance During and After Construction (Protocols)

Chapter 6 Asset Management and Tools

Chapter 7 Personnel, Equipment, and Cost Considerations

Chapter 8 Maintenance Scheduling

Chapter 9 Operations and Maintenance Forms, Logs, and Reporting

Chapter 10 Case Studies



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