Wastewater collection systems are valuable assets to their communities and play a crucial role in public and environmental health. However, their value is often under-recognized and under-appreciated by those they serve, leading to inadequate reinvestment and insufficient resources provided for the proper management of the system. To address these challenges, wastewater collection system managers must be exceptionally proficient in a multitude of technical and nontechnical skills needed to operate and maintain a collection system efficiently and effectively. This book provides guidance, strategies, and ideas that may be used by a wastewater collection system manager to be successful within these many fields of expertise. 


Wastewater Collection Systems Management, MOP 7, 7th Edition includes: 

  • Up-to-date reference to U.S. EPA and state guidelines 
  • Coverage of CMOM guidance criteria 
  • Recommendations for how to use public communication platforms 
  • Strategies for developing comprehensive asset management programs for collection systems 



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Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 Introduction 

Chapter 2 System Operations and Maintenance 

Chapter 3 Information Management 

Chapter 4 Collection System Assessment and Capital Improvement Planning

Chapter 5  System Design Considerations 

Chapter 6 Construction Contracting

Chapter 7 Public Policy and Community Relations 

Chapter 8 Budgeting and Financial Planning

Chapter 9  Safety, Standard Procedures, Training, and Certifications 

Chapter 10 Emergency Preparedness and Security



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