By Cody Bain -- Computer security threats are increasing rapidly and have exposed DCOM’s vulnerabilities. To remedy this, starting in June 2022,  DCOM servers will enforce an authentication level to ensure the security of the communications between client and server while stopping short of encrypting message contents.

If you have devices or applications that rely on DCOM but don’t support the hardening changes, they could stop working as early as June 14, 2022. Learn about the upcoming Microsoft DCOM hardening changes and how it can affect data collection systems in your IT environment.


About WIN-911

WIN-911 helps protect over 18,000 facilities in 80 countries by delivering critical machine alarms via smartphone or tablet app, voice (VoIP and analog), text, email, and in-plant announcer, reducing operator response times, system downtime, and maintenance costs. Prior to becoming CEO five years ago, Jackson held leadership positions in international sales, business development, operations, and product development.


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