By Edward W. Fritz, P.E., Matthew K. Mastin, Dieter Weinert, Huber Technology, Inc. -- This paper provides guidelines for applying information learned through bench-scale testing to both pilot-scale testing and full-scale design and performance of screw press equipment applications.

Using these correlations, it is possible to characterize which parameters of screw press performance can be reliably determined without the need to perform pilot testing. These results show the relationship between bench and pilot-scale testing for screw press equipment. Understanding these relationships will help the manufacturer, engineer, and owner in setting screw press performance expectations.


About Huber Technology

Huber serves the municipal and industrial wastewater treatment market with high quality liquid-solid separation technology. Huber Technology offers the complete chain of screening, grit and sludge handling processes. The company is an original source manufacturer specializing in stainless steel fabrication of technologies for water and wastewater with proven experience and expertise with over 40,000 installations worldwide.

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