Watershed Management Community

The Watershed Management Community develops and conducts activities to advance the understanding, planning, implementation, and use of watershed management tools and techniques to enhance the global water environment more effectively. The committee was established in 1997.

Mission Statement

The community shall recommend, develop, and conduct activities to advance the understanding, planning, implementation, and use of watershed management tools and techniques to protect and enhance the global (one) water environment more effectively.


The community members consist of utility personnel, academia, government employees (federal, state, local), nongovernmental organizations employees, industry representatives, manufacturers, and consultants. The role of watershed management is growing in the face of changing regulatory requirements, global climate change, and regional watershed needs. As such, the Community is looking to grow in terms of membership numbers as well as in diversity of member backgrounds and experience.

Community Leadership

Robert Martz, 2022 - 2024
Email: rmartz@hrsd.com

Vice Chair
Sabu Paul, 2022 - 2024
Tel: 703-334-4917
Email: sabu.paul@freese.com 

2nd Vice Chair
Rishab Mahajan, 2022 - 2024 
Email: rmahajan@geosyntec.com 

Staff Manager
Bianca Pinto
Tel: 703-684-2400 ext. 7050
Email: BPinto@wef.org

Community Subcommittees

Community Activities and Tasks

  • Provide a forum for WEF members to share and learn concepts and technology related to watershed management.
  • Coordinate, integrate, and leverage ongoing efforts in WEF related to watershed management and then initiate activities on important topics not being addressed, such as institutional, socioeconomic, intergovernmental, and policy issues.
  • Use watershed management as a vehicle to promote partnerships with other organizations and agencies to further the mission of WEF.
  • Promote public policies that encourage effective watershed management by providing WEF members, the public, and policymakers with technical information.
  • Review, evaluate, and disseminate information on best practices in watershed management, based on actual agency experiences.
  • Encourage adoption of new advances and applications for watershed
  • Develop workshops and organize/moderate technical sessions each year at WEFTEC
  • Sponsor or cosponsor specialty conferences or webcasts on watershed management issues and regulations, such as stormwater and TMDLs.
  • Author articles for WEF's technical
  • Participate in the development of Manuals of Practice for watershed management related
  • Coordinate watershed management activities with other professional organizations, such as the International Water Association and the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Liaisons With Others

To better accomplish its mission, the community shall coordinate and integrate its activities with other WEF communities that consider science and technologies relevant to watershed management, currently including:

  • WEF Stormwater Community
  • WEF Technical Practice Community
  • WEF Program Community
  • WEF Government Affairs Community
  • The community will also strive to partner with Member Associations and other organizations, such as:
    • The Water Environment & Reuse Foundation
    • Organizations outside WEF that are active stakeholders in watershed

Organization Chart

Watershed Management Community Org Chart

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