This symposium will be jointly hosted by the Water Environment Federation and the American Water Works Association (AWWA), in cooperation with the Chesapeake Water Environment Association, the Federal Water Quality Association, and The Water Research Foundation.

The Transformative Issues Symposium on Workforce will bring water sector professionals from across North America to discuss the most important and challenging issues associated with workforce. This event will feature presentations given by thought leaders and will engage attendees in facilitated discussions to help foster the exchange of ideas on this evolving topic of concern.

 Official Hashtag: #TISWorkforce
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WEF, AWWA and the Symposium Planning Committee are now soliciting for session content. The deadline to submit is March 25th.

Download session proposal form

Download workshop proposal form


WEF, AWWA and the Symposium Planning Committee are soliciting for session content for the upcoming Transformative Issues Symposium on Workforce 2019.  This second annual event will feature presentations and interactions with workforce thought leaders from across the water/wastewater sector.

Deadline to submit:  March 25, 2019
To submit:  Email completed proposal form to

Session Proposal Form (PDF)
Workshop Proposal Form (PDF)

Highlighted topic areas include but are not limited to the following:

  • Recruitment, retention, knowledge transfer, and succession planning,
  • Attracting veterans, dislocated workers, and career and technical education programs,
  • Engaging opportunity youth and those with potential barriers to employment,
  • Diversity hiring and equity and social justice efforts,
  • Regional collaboration and community partnerships,
  • Professional development and soft skills training for potential managers,
  • Challenges for contract operations providers,
  • Employee optimization/self-actualization, and infusing a sense of mission in our water workforce,
  • Improving interstate harmony in licensing and portability of operator credentials, and
  • Messaging campaigns and enhancing visibility of careers in water quality.

The Planning Committee is looking for sessions which are 90 minutes in length (preferred), with 30- and 60-minute programs also being considered.  The Committee highly encourages including innovative content delivery formats such as small group or panel discussions, problem solving scenarios, analyzing and/or evaluating case studies, creating an action plan, or implementing a solution.

The Planning Committee is also looking for half-day workshops, scheduled to be held on Wednesday, Aug 7 from 8:30am-noon or 1:30pm-5pm.  Pre-conference workshops are additional add-on programs available to conference registrants.  These intensive programs offer the opportunity to learn about a specific topic in an in-depth and hands-on format.  The Committee highly encourages including innovative content delivery formats such as small group or panel discussions, problem solving scenarios, analyzing and/or evaluating case studies, creating an action plan, or implementing a solution. 


If you would like to see what was covered in 2018's Symposium on Affordability, click here.

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