Community Leadership Council

The CLC is comprised of all the Chairs and Vice-Chairs of WEF's communities and councils and Directors of the Communities of Practice (CoP).

The CLC was create by the Board of Trustees (Board) to provide a mechanism for WEF communities to share ideas; improve communications within WEF and serve as a communication link between the communities and the Board.

CLC Mission

Serve as a communication link between the WEF Board and the WEF Communities

  • Promote ideas and offer suggestions that enhance community activities.
  • Promote a means to communicate effectively between communities.
  • Train future community leaders.
  • Promote collaboration within WEF and related organizations, including the Member Association corresponding Committees.
  • Provide a forum for hot topics, emerging issues and effective technical and management practices.

Rasha Maal-Bared, 2023 - 2025
Tel: (780) 412-7617

Vice Chair
Ian Fife, 2023 - 2025
Tel: (801) 290-5637

Staff Manager
Aisha Morrow
Tel: 703-684-2400, ext 7017


CoP Directors

Scott Schaefer

Treatment Specialties

Mark Knight
2023 - 2025

Resource & Recovery
Val Frenkel
2022 - 2024

Operations & Maintenance
James Barsanti
2022 - 2024


Donnell Duncan
2023 - 2025

Training, Research & Regulations

Kari Fitzmorris Brisolara
2023 - 2025

Conveyance & Watershed
Greg Woodward
2023 - 2025


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