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With state-of-the-art facility planning, configuration, and design, and written by more than 175 of the sector's wastewater engineering experts, Design of Water Resource Recovery Facilities, MOP 8, Sixth Edition is the authoritative guide to effectively designing or upgrading a recovery facility and transforming a community.

Now offered as one volume, this thoroughly revised resource from the Water Environment Federation and the Environmental and Water Resources Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers offers comprehensive coverage of water resource recovery facility design. The book fully explains all water treatment systems and processes and takes a look at environmental issues and procedures for energy generation.

New and expanded topics include the use and application of modeling wastewater treatment processes; advances in biological treatment; and advances in biosolids handling, including effective thermal hydrolysis.

Purchase Design of Water Resource Recovery Facilities, MOP 8 to reference the best, and reimagine how the facility you create can revitalize a community.

When purchased from the Water Environment Federation, this book includes:

Sustainability and Energy Management for Water Resource Recovery Facilities (print edition)

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Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Principles of Integrated Design
Chapter 3: Site Selection and Plant Layout
Chapter 4: Modeling for Design and Operation of Biological Water Resource Recovery Processes
Chapter 5: Plant Hydraulics and Pumping
Chapter 6: Odor and Air Emissions Management
Chapter 7: Support Systems
Chapter 8: Materials of Construction and Corrosion Control
Chapter 9: Preliminary Treatment
Chapter 10: Primary Treatment
Chapter 11: Biofilm Reactor Technology and Design
Chapter 12: Suspended Growth Treatment Processes
Chapter 13: Integrated Biological Treatment
Chapter 14: Physical and Chemical Processes for Advanced Wastewater Treatment
Chapter 15: Sidestream Treatment
Chapter 16: Natural Systems
Chapter 17: Disinfection
Chapter 18: Introduction to Solids Management
Chapter 19: Storage and Transport
Chapter 20: Chemical Conditioning
Chapter 21: Solids Thickening
Chapter 22: Dewatering
Chapter 23: Stabilization
Chapter 24: Thermal Processing
Chapter 25: Use and Disposal of Residuals and Biosolids

Book Cover - MOP 8

Here's what Readers are saying about Design of Water Resource Recovery Facilities, MOP 8:

"Comparing with the fifth edition, the new volume has gone through significant changes. The authors deleted and minimized the description of treatment technologies that are no longer in current practice. They covered information on treatment fundamentals in more concise detail. They added or updated several key technical topics, such as application of wastewater process modeling in design, advances in membrane bioreactor technology, biosolids handling, side-stream nutrient removal, integrated fixed-film/activated sludge systems, and moving-bed biological-reactor systems. 

Undoubtedly, this book will continue to be the water sector’s principal and leading manual on the design of municipal WRRFs. It will remain an indispensable compendium for design professionals, utility managers, and process engineers."

Rasheed Ahmad, senior watershed manager, Department of Watershed Management, City of Atlanta.

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