World Water Day 2020 is almost here and I can hardly believe that March 22 will mark one year since we released our first-ever children’s book, Why Water’s Worth It.

What an amazing year it’s been! From the beginning we knew that we had created something special that met a real need. The now double award-winning book went to #1 on Amazon’s best-selling new children’s book on water within a few hours of release and has quickly become one of WEF’s best-selling publications.

Originally produced as a print-on-demand paperback, we have since expanded into Spanish and French translations as well as a library-bound hardcover. We also offer related merchandise, giveaways, and free teaching resources, including the video PSA that started it all.

It Takes a Village
Our goal is to get this book, and its message about sharing responsibility for water, into as many hands and minds as possible and many of you are helping us do it. WEF members have joined us in doing book readings, class presentations, donations, and exhibitions at schools, libraries, festivals, and conferences. A few personal favorites include the Howell Water Treatment Plant (Mich.) and the Michigan Water Environment Association who turned the book into a float and distributed copies along their city’s holiday parade route. I am equally inspired by the amazing partnership between Central States Water Environment Association and the Global Water Stewardship who have, and continue, to donate hundreds of books to students in Costa Rica.

I am also very excited about our latest opportunity to collaborate with and learn from WEF’s new distribution partner. Initial plans are to take the book into widespread international distribution, including expanding availability beyond online retailers into traditional brick and mortar stores like Barnes and Noble.

A Thirst for Knowledge
What has been made clear through the success and positive reaction to Why Water’s Worth It is that communities around the world have a thirst for knowledge and are ready to take action. One of my favorite lines from the book reads, “We all use water and create waste too. That means you need water and water needs you.” I believe the interest and willingness to engage is there, yet there are still many who don’t understand the true value and importance of clean water and wastewater services until faced with a crisis.

Today, our communities are fighting against crumbling infrastructure, impacts of climate change, shrinking water supplies, and public health threats like the coronavirus. It’s more important than ever to work together to responsibly use and manage our water resources. To do that, we must empower ourselves and our children — the next generation of water and environment protectors — through education, awareness, example, and opportunity.

Empower through Education
UN-Water’s official theme for World Water Day 2020 is water and climate change. One of the sub-themes is “Everyone Has a Role to Play.” We can only do what we know so it must start with learning. That’s a role WEF was born to play! To help you get started we’re offering a special 15% discount on the Why Water’s Worth It children’s book as well as merchandise, technical publications, and training materials from March 18 through March 25. Enter the discount code “WATERDAY” at checkout on and to save.

Whether you make an addition to your home library, a donation to a school or public library, and/or help spread the word through social media and word of all matters. Small actions really do make a BIG Impact.

Your Effort. WATER'S WORTH IT!
As we celebrate World Water Day 2020, WEF would like to thank our members and water professionals around the world who work every day to provide essential services to our communities. The innovators who work together to find solutions to our most pressing water challenges and public health threats. The people who work tirelessly to bring clean water and sanitation to the millions of people who still lack access to it. And, the parents, caregivers, teachers, librarians, and educators who are committed to preparing our children to be responsible citizens and tomorrow's leaders. 

Author Lori Harrison and Illustrator Jon Harrison read Why Water's Worth It and explain the writing process to some of our future water protectors!

About Lori Harrison

Blogger Lori Harrison, Director of Creative Projects for the Water Environment Federation Lori Harrison is an author and the director of creative projects for the Water Environment Federation (WEF). She has more than 20 years of experience in strategic communications, media, branding and creative development with a focus on water and environmental issues. During her tenure at WEF, Lori has taken on several roles within the communications department. She regularly collaborates with her colleagues in the communications, marketing and creative services departments to help expand the WEF brand and promote the organization’s mission, vision, core values and critical objectives. Lori led WEF’s communications department until 2016 when she shifted her professional focus toward creative development, messaging and branding initiatives. Some of her most recognizable accomplishments include the conceptualization and development of the WATER’S WORTH IT® and #MyWaterLegacy campaigns, writing the Why Water's Worth It children's book, and producing the Opening General Session for WEFTEC as well as a series of award-winning motivational videos. 

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