As drivers of innovation, clusters play an important role in addressing the nation’s pressing environmental issues. WEF supports the development of clusters and other technology innovation efforts through its Innovation Clusters Program.

The Cluster Leaders Program

  • advises cluster organizations,
  • encourages collaboration between clusters, 
  • tracks U.S. environmental technology clusters, and
  • connects WEF programs to cluster needs.

Supporting Cluster Organizations

The Clusters Program serves cluster organizations in an advisory role by

  • disseminating best practices in cluster development,
  • communicating priorities of WEF and other organizations,
  • helping to convene potential cluster stakeholders when appropriate.

Currently, the Clusters Program serves as an advisory member to Confluence, a water cluster organization in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio region. Clusters Program staff are also working to support the development of a water technology cluster in Massachusetts.

Tracking U.S. Environmental Technology Clusters

The Clusters Program maintains a map and inventory of water technology cluster organizationsView a list of all the clusters here.

Encouraging Collaboration

The Clusters Program communicates with technology cluster organizations across the nation, and periodically arranges calls and meetings where cluster organizers can share best practices with each other and establish cooperation between clusters. The Clusters Program typically hosts a meeting at WEFTEC, as well.

Connecting WEF Programs to Cluster Needs

The Clusters Program can help connect cluster organizations to relevant programs within WEF and LIFT.

If you are involved in a cluster organization focused on water technology or are interested in starting a cluster organization in your region, we encourage you to contact WEF Technical Progams Manager Morgan Brown at [email protected].