The 2020 application period is now closed!

For the 2020 WLI, attendance at our in-person trainings is mandatory.  There will be a two-day training in Alexandria, Va., May 7-8, 2020, with optional half-day tasks May 6.  We will also have a one-day workshop at WEFTEC on Sunday, Oct. 4 in New Orleans.  Exceptions will be made on a case by case basis.  If you aren’t sure your company will support your travel costs, please apply for a scholarship.

The application will be reviewed based on your answer to the following five questions and reference letter.  

  1. Please provide a short introduction/biography [consider including information related to your education, career path, current employer, job function(s), extracurricular activities, and/or hobbies]. (150 Word Limit)

  2. Please describe why you would like to be a part of the 2020 Water Leadership Institute and what you most hope to gain through participation in the program. (150 Word Limit)

  3. Please provide a listing of your membership(s), committee involvement(s), and/or leadership role(s) in professional, community, or other organizations [include the formal organization name, your role/title, and service timeframe]. As applicable, please include brief details highlighting your service accomplishments for the listing. (200 Word Limit)

  4. Please tell us about a leader that you admire and how (and/or why) they have impacted your career in the water industry. (150 Word Limit)

  5. Please describe one of the biggest challenges that you feel the water industry is facing today.  Additionally, please briefly describe how you would solve this challenge within the next 10 years.  (200 Word Limit)

  6. To assist the Selection Committee, please provide a 1-page Letter of Reference from an individual (family members and relatives are excluded) that has direct experience with your leadership qualities, characteristics, and capabilities. At a minimum, this letter should include at least two reasons why you should be accepted into this program.  Note: The file should be uploaded as a *.pdf or Word file and named: LAST_FIRST-RefLetter.



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"As an Operator, the WLI has shown me a side of the industry that I was never aware of or ever paid attention too. Working at a treatment plant focused on day to day operations; I was blind to how vast and divers it actually is. The arrangement of students ranged from operators, engineers, suppliers and scientist. The mixture of the groups and interactions really brought everything together and shined a new light on how I view the wastewater industry. It made me even more proud of what I do. The speakers and topics were really great and easy to relate to despite any position you’re in. If there was a part 2 I would be on it in a heartbeat!"

Robby Jones
Suffolk, VA