Resource Recovery Roadmaps

In 2011, a WEF Position statement declared:

WEF believes that wastewater treatment plants are NOT waste disposal facilities, but rather water resource recovery facilities that produce clean water, recover nutrients (such as phosphorus and nitrogen), and have the potential to reduce the nation’s dependence upon fossil fuel through the production and use of renewable energy.

WEF has been successful at striving toward those objectives through the use of a “maturity model” approach with the development of three Resource Recovery Roadmaps, on Energy (2012), Nutrient Management (2014), and Water Reuse (2016).
The goal of the Resource Recovery Roadmaps is to develop a high-level approach to help guide utilities and industry decision makers in issues to consider when considering the NEW paradigm (Nutrients, Energy, and Water). The Roadmaps are brief and high-level to be accessible to all types of stakeholders, including public officials, utility managers, operators, engineers, and regulators. They do not "reinvent the wheel," with all of the great technical resources available. Rather, the focus is to help decision makers quickly understand the strategic issues inherent in a water reuse effort.