ALEXANDRIA, Va. – The Water Environment Federation is a supporting partner for a new documentary film titled Brave Blue World, which will be released in fall 2019 and showcase how innovation and technology can solve water challenges and advance resource recovery around the planet.

Brave Blue World will spur people to rethink the management of water by showing the positive changes underway and the potential for a sustainable water future. The circular economy, “one water,” sanitation, and water reuse will all be covered in stunning 4K resolution. From the International Space Station, to developed and developing countries, the film will take the audience on a thought-provoking ride across four continents to show how the human relationship with water is being re-imagined.

“Often we see the state of water portrayed from perspectives of difficult challenges and desperate situations,” said Eileen O’Neill, Executive Director of WEF. “It’s important to also show that we are in an era of incredible progress with great possibilities for enhanced water security and WEF is excited that Brave Blue World will highlight this positive paradigm shift.”

Filming took place at WEFTEC 2018 in New Orleans and WEF President Tom Kunetz was interviewed for the documentary. WEF intends to use the film as an opportunity for public outreach, particularly in collaboration with its network of 75 Member Associations.

“Innovation and technology are driving exciting solutions to many of the problems facing humanity, and the water sector is no exception,” said Kunetz. “Brave Blue World will showcase the promising breakthroughs taking place in water science and engineering that will contribute to a sustainable future for the planet.”
The documentary will follow Paul O’Callaghan, water industry expert and CEO of BlueTech Research, as he visits sites that are employing novel ways of tackling water problems and turning them into opportunities.

“The Brave Blue World documentary is an industry collaboration and celebration of the scientific and technology advancements that have been taking place, often behind the scenes, to deliver water services,” said Paul O’Callaghan, CEO of BlueTech Research. “This is the first time a documentary of this scale – bringing together global projects and partners – has been produced specifically on water.”

WEF is joined as a supporting partner for the documentary by Dow Water Solutions, L’Oréal and SUEZ – Water Technologies & Solutions.

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