At WEF we believe that our water workforce should reflect the communities we serve.

The WEF InFLOW (Introducing Future Leaders to Opportunities in Water) program aims to enhance diversity and inclusion in the water workforce.

This scholarship opportunity engages participants in WEF programs and events to:

  1. Solidify their interest in working in the water sector; and
  2. increase probabilities for employment and long-term success working in water.

WEF InFLOW consists of two tracks:

STEMpath identifies scholars enrolled in undergraduate/graduate degree programs from historically underrepresented ethnic and racial groups.

CareerTech partners with community based organizations to expose scholars in job readiness programs to the variety of rewarding career possibilities in water quality.

The program kicked-off at WEFTEC 2018 (, and provided  travel assistance, hotel accommodations, registration, and additional networking opportunities to 16 students from Howard University (Washington, D.C.), Tuskegee University (Tuskegee, Alabama), and University of South Florida (Tampa, Florida). 

At WEFTEC 2019, InFLOW expanded to the current 2 tracks and included 40+ scholars from across the nation, including GreenCorp Chicago (Chicago, Illinois), Howard University (Washington, D.C), University of Alaska-Ancourage (Ancourage, Alaska), University of Hawaii-Manoa (Honolulu, Hawaii), University of South Florida (Tampa, Florida), Florida International University (Miami, Florida), and Florida A&M (Tallahassee, Florida).

2020 brought about the first fully virtual InFLOW program with 5 weeks of content for the scholars participating in both tracks. There were 24 STEMpath scholars representing Howard University (Washington, D.C.), University of Hawaii-Manoa (Honolulu, Hawaii), University of California-Irvne (Irvine, CA), San Diego State University (San Diego, California), Rutgers University (New Brunswick, New Jersey), and University of the District of Columbia (Washington, DC).

At WEFTEC 2022, there were 26 STEMpath scholars participating in this year's program, representing 13 universities across 10 U.S. states. In the past, STEMpath scholars have represented a variety of different racial/ethnic groups and many have been first-generation college students in their families. They have ranged from college first-year students to doctoral candidates in a variety of majors. The schools participating in the STEMpath program are Arizona State University (Tempe, Arizona), Benedict College (Columbia, SC), California State University–Pomona (Pomona, CA), Florida International University (Miami, Florida), Howard University (Washington, DC), Loyola University (Chicago, Illinois), Manhattan College (Bronx, NY), Rutgers University (New Brunswick, New Jersey), San Diego State University (San Diego, CA), University of Nebraska–Lincoln(Lincoln, NE), University of South Alabama (Mobile, Alabama), University of South Florida (Tampa, FL), and University of the District of Columbia (Washington, DC). For the CareerTech track in 2023, 15 scholars participated. Louisiana Green Corps selected these scholars to attend WEFTEC 2022. Louisiana Green Corps works to provide green job skills training and service-learning opportunities to 16- to 24-year-old youth and young adults living in the Greater New Orleans Area.

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“These opportunities encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to stand for some­thing that is the most important resource that we have. From planting those seeds in the hearts and minds of elementary students, to giving college students the opportunity to network as they are going into the industry, to taking professionals who are already in the work field and giving them an opportunity to know more and be advocates of water helps the effort to make this world a place that can be sustainable once more.”

– Kayson, University of Hawaii (InFLOW 2019)

"Going to WEFTEC really broadened my interest and passion in water..."

InFLOW Interview at WEFTEC 2019

Hear about their experiences below:

Since it's launch, WEF InFLOW has recieved an exciting buzz in the water industry, with several Member Associations (MAs) replicating the program on a small scale for annual conferences.