InFLOW at a Local Level

After it's launch in 2018, WEF InFLOW has hit the ground running and several of the WEF Member Associations (MAs) have expressed interest in a similar program at their local annual conferences.

Illinois WEA was the first to bring WEF InFLOW to their annual conference during IWPC 2019: Together for Clean Water Conference that took place on February 11-13, 2019.  They were able to invite 7 students representing the University of Illinois, the Environmental Resources Training Center at Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville Water/Wastewater Operators Training Center, and Loyola University in Chicago.  The students ranged in gender, race, and also included three mid-career military veterans! 

Other WEF Member Associations that have completed or are exploring WEF InFLOW include:

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IWEA InFLOW Students.png

"It was a great pleasure to be in the first group of state chapter-level InFLOW students. This program allowed me to meet and speak with many professionals in water careers.

-Maggie, Loyola University (IWEA InFLOW 2019)

InFLOW Makes Waves at Member Associations!

PNCWA 2019 InFLOW Class

If you are interested in having a WEF InFLOW Program at your annual conference and would like more information about the InFLOW program, email [email protected].