Brave Blue World is a feature-length documentary that examines how new technologies and innovations can create a sustainable water future. As a production partner, WEF and our members will use the film to raise public awareness about the solutions to water challenges.

Narrated by Liam Neeson, the documentary includes interviews with a variety of water experts, as well as high-profile advocates Matt Damon and Jaden Smith. It features compelling stories, beautiful scenery, and examples from across five continents to show novel ways of tackling water problems.

The film explores developments in areas such as water reuse, nutrient recovery, energy generation, decentralized treatment, and the digitization of water.

“From a NASA research center, where we learned how water is recycled in space, and a textile plant in India that is meeting 90 percent of its water needs from recycled water, to the world’s largest algae-powered wastewater treatment plant in Spain and a children’s home in Kenya, where 50 litres of water a day is being provided from humidity in the air, we heard many inspiring stories. We’re tremendously excited to be able to share these with a wider audience and move water up the global agenda as an issue we can solve in our lifetime.” - Paul O’Callaghan, Executive Producer & Founder of BlueTech Research

Brave Blue World also includes a segment and interview with WEF Past President Tom Kunetz (below with O'Callaghan) at the world’s largest nutrient recovery facility, Stickney Water Reclamation Plant, in Cicero, Illinois. Stickney is operated by the Metropolitan Water District of Greater Chicago.

“It is important to convey a sense of hope and spirit of optimism for water and that is why WEF is thrilled to be a production partner for Brave Blue World. By showing a path to a sustainable water future Brave Blue World can help us to influence leaders, increase resources, change policies, and improve stewardship of water.” - Walt Marlowe, WEF Executive Director


You Can Help Amplify the Story of Water!

The U.S. premiere was held on December 16, 2019 in Los Angeles, Calif. Throughout 2020, WEF and its Member Associations plan to hold numerous screenings of the film.

You can help amplify this important story and the amazing work being done by WEF members and our colleagues around the world every day.

Click on the links below to learn more and to join us on this journey into a Brave Blue World! 


Please contact Travis Loop at [email protected] with questions and/or to organize a screening.