Water Environment Federation (WEF) experts have reacted swiftly to concerns about monkeypox and compiled critical information for water sector workers and leaders. Get this fact sheet now.

"With the rising number of human monkeypox cases globally, several utilities expressed concern about the potential for another outbreak and whether wastewater workers are safe,” said Rasha Maal-Bared, chair of the Waterborne Infectious Disease Outbreak Control (WIDOC) subcommittee of the WEF Disinfection and Public Health Committee (DPHC).

In the 3-page fact sheet, Monkeypox Information for Water Professionals, and companion poster, WIDOC experts break down the known details surrounding monkeypox and wastewater workers’ safety.

A few key messages from the fact sheet:

  • To date, neither infective monkeypox virus nor its DNA has been detected in wastewater or biosolids.
  • Current wastewater and drinking water treatment and monitoring practices are expected to be sufficient to protect public and environmental health.
  • The worker safety recommendations of the 2020 WEF Blue-Ribbon Panel remain relevant and protective for wastewater workers from the monkeypox virus as well as all other infective agents in wastewater.

The 3-page fact sheet and infographic can be downloaded at no charge from the WEF Access Water platform. (WEF members will be prompted to log in. Nonmembers can get this download by choosing the Login for Access button, clicking on the “Not a member?” link on the login page, and filling in the form.)

Get the Fact Sheet:
Monkeypox Information
for Water Professionals

Fact sheet updated on August 8, 2022.

WIDOC Monkeypox Infographic