WEF’s Member Associations (MAs) provide exciting and informative activities and services to WEF members around the world. Their programs include high quality technical conferences, operator training and certification programs, local and regional legislative and regulatory activities, educational programs, affiliations with other professional organizations, and much more.


The MA Resource Center is a "member only" log-in area where you can find tons of information on association management, News articles, WEF Ads, webinars for MAs, strategic planning, coordinating the WEF representative's visit to your conferece and much more...


Below find quick access to the WEF Association Engagement Staff, WEF budgeted programs for MAs and the WEFLeader monthly news.

Contact WEF Staff

The team's focus is to provide better communication and engagement between the key volunteer leaders, WEF Staff and the WEF Board. WEF AE Staff are assigned to each MA as a liaison and resource.  Click here for a list of Staff Liaisons.

Lisa Ruane | Senior Director | 703.684.2459 | [email protected]

Dianne Crilley | Director | 703.684.2445 | [email protected]

Kelsey Hurst | Senior Manager | 703.684.2477 | [email protected]

Megan Livak | Manager | 703.684.2400 Ext 7220 | [email protected]

Tori Cox | Manager | 703.684.2400 Ext 7070 | [email protected] 

Brad Lovett | Manager | 703.684.2454 | [email protected]

Nick Bardis | Coordinator | 703.684.2400 Ext 7731 | [email protected]

Information Technology 

The IT staff serves as a resource for MA leaders on development of and access to MA online reports from the WEF database.

Marissa Adawag, Programmer/Report Writer | PH: 703.684.2400 Ext 7732

WEF Leadership Series

The Leadership Series offers seven complimentary virtual events on various topics related to Committees. Information on the upcoming event and post wrap-ups are provided below.

Leadership Series #7 – Recognizing Committee Volunteer Engagement
August 24, 2021 | 2:00 - 4:00 pm ET
Zoom Registration 

Join WEF for an interactive discussion on effective ways to recognize volunteer engagement.  We will discuss impactful ways you can show up to lead so volunteers feel valued, heard, and appreciated.

Jamie Eichenberger, WEF President-Elect
Dianne Crilley - WEF Director, MA Programs
Janet Cann - WEF CLC Chair
Nashita Naureen - AZ Water & WEF SYPC
Pono Hanson - Chesapeake WEA & SYPC


July 20, 2021
Recruiting & Onboarding Committee Members 
GAWP Board Primer | GAWP Committee Handbook |
WEF Industrial Wastewater Committee Accelerator Program 
New England Onboarding
Recording | Notes

June 29, 2021
Mobilizing DE&I in Your MAs
MA Presentation:  ACWWA IDE Summary
Recording | Notes 

March 23, 2021 

Accountability without Authority
Recording | Notes 

January 19, 2021 
Building an Effective Board
MA Presentations:
Ohio WEA, North Carolina AWWA-WEA, Clean Water Professinals of KT
Recording | Notes

November 17, 2020 
Committee Leadership Retreats

MA Presentations:  Central States WEA, Virginia WEA, Florida WEA
Video Recording  | Session Notes

October 27, 2020
Committee Meeting Makeover
Guest Speaker: Erin Gallimore, Leadership Coach
Recording   |  Q&A Wrap with Erin  | Session Notes 

contact WEF Staff Dianne Crilley

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View What's Happening in the World of WEFMAX

WEFMAX is a WEF budgeted annual program offering Member Association (MA) leaders an opportunity to attend one of four meetings each year that provides a forum to learn what is new from WEF and provides sessions for ongoing exchange of MA information.  These meetings also represent social time to foster relationships to ensure continued success. Many Federation and MA programs have found their origins in ideas discussed and presented at these meetings.  The Water Environment Federation represents an extensive network of professionals in the water quality field, MA exchange sessions lie at the core of this network.

Confirmed future WEFMAX Hosts/Dates are listed below:

Hawaii WEA, April 20 - 22
South Carolina, May 11 - 13
North Dakota, June 1 - 3

2023: Florida, Missouri, New England, Atlantic Canada 
2024: Montana, Nebraska, New York/New Jersey, Virginia
2025: California, Kansas, Michigan, Reseau Environnement
2026: Pennsylvania
2027: Ontario


WEF & MA Leader Workshop

GOAL:  Partnering for Mutual Success.  To share relevant information and knowledge that better enables partnerships and the overall success of MA association leadership.

WORKSHOP PURPOSE: WEF's MAs are broadly diversified organizations, with business activities ranging from event planning to publishing to member services all under one roof.  The role of the MA staff is increasingly demanding calling for smart and efficient competencies.  This event offers a forum to learn from each other how to lead diverse volunteer leaders. 

ATTENDEES: This event is by invitation only offered to MAs with and without professional paid Staff.  WEF encourages each MA to identify people who would most benefit from attending.

Feb 23, 2021 – Focus will be on MEMBERSHIP
Keys to Grow, Retain, and Engage Members
Attendees: MA Staff and MA Contacts and MA Membership Chairs
Recording | Presentations:  Stats & TrendsOnboarding | Notes

Feb 16, 2021 – Focus on FINANCE
It's Not a Challenge...It's an Opportunity.  Put Financial tools to Work

Recording  | Presentation  | Meeting Notes

Questions: Contact WEF Staff Dianne Crilley

Donate Photos

onoring Water Professionals at Work

As part of our ongoing efforts to showcase and celebrate the work of WEF members, Member Associations, and water professionals around the world, we are seeking your help to expand WEF's photo library to include real professionals making a positive impact on their communities.  WEF will provide appropriate photo credits and access to the complete library for your use to ensure that we are presenting a unified and consistent image. Click to view the guidelines and recommendations for photos WEF is seeking to receive.

Specifically, we are seeking donations and permission to use well-composed, well-lit, high-quality images of technologies that represent the full scope of the treatment process, direct and indirect environmental and community impacts, and the range of skilled workers "in action and on the job" rather than posed.

If interested, please submit photos and documents to:

We appreciate your consideration and hope to hear from you!  Please direct your questions and comments to your WEF Association Engagement Staff representative.