Welcome to the Water Palooza Resource Center!

The Water Palooza subcommittee has created an online educational video/content repository for educational leadership, teachers in school and online, and parents who have suddenly become full-time educators to access during the fall/winter of the 2020 school season. Here you will find an excellent platform of resources including educational videos, hands-on activities, demonstrations, creative exercises, and competitions to help students learn about the water environment and the value of water.

Online Video Contest

WEF is hosting a digital contest for students of all ages to submit their very own Water Palooza Video!

In order to help friends and neighbors understand the importance of water in their lives, please put together a brief video addressing one of the following topics:

Official Announcement

• What Not to Flush? What we flush down our drains impacts the world we live in. In a brief video, show us some of the things that shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet.

• How do we get water? People need to share water in order to survive. In a brief video, show us how you get your water, where it comes from, and some ways how you can minimize wasting water.

• Where does the water go? There are many ways to filter and replenish our water. In a brief video, show us a few ways to clean our water.

Due Date: Wednesday, June 30, 2021

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Global Water Stewardship/CSWEA
Build Your Own Water Filter
Answer Key

Water For People

Water Jeopardy!


Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago
Where Does it Go? Adventures with the Water Science Explorers
Follow water science explorers, through the pipes, sewers, and tanks of MWRD! 



Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago
Flush With Care - English
Flush With Care - Spanish
Word Find Careers - English
Word Find Careers - Spanish
Treatment Process Maze


Water For People
Coloring Pages 


Southeast Louisiana National Wildlife Refuge
Learn about the importance of wetlands in this fun Wetlands Metaphor Program!


Pontchartrain Conservancy
Check out the free Educator Essentials!

Curriculum Collections - Includes seven collections based on local phenomena with global connections. Topics range from climate migrants in Isle de Jean Charles to understanding water quality concepts and microplastics. Features real-world data, scientific tools from NOAA, the EPA, and choose between:

  • Guided Explorations:
  • Build Your Own Lesson Plans:

Other Cool Stuff

CURRENT, Chicago's Water Innovation Hub
Check out a list of water-related virtual educational resources for K-12 students