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Save and consolidate through the Utility Partnership Program -- 6,000-plus participants and more than 380 utilities -- and get the UPP advantage.

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UPP Membership

UPP is designed for any utility with five or more individual WEF members. If your company pays employee memberships, this consolidates all individuals into one invoice paid annually. UPP participants also receive exclusive WEF member benefits not offered to any other member program.

Get the UPP Advantage  

UPP offers exclusive benefits that no other WEF members receive including: 

Lowest WEFTEC registration rates including onsite...


  • Five first-time WEF members receive complimentary membership during their first year as part of your UPP
  • Two elected or appointed officials can receive complimentary memberships 
  • Up to 40 percent off WEF Knowledge Center courses  
  • Consolidate all employees on the same billing cycle and receive a single invoice covering your entire utility 
  • Transfer memberships between individuals 

Questions? Send and email UPP@wef.org


Q: Is there an additional fee for creating a UPP? 
A: No, there is no fee for creating a UPP. Each member is an individual member – Executive, Professional, Operator, and Young Professional. You will be charged the WEF and MA membership dues for each individual unless they are:

  • Part of the 5 complimentary individuals your UPP is given
  • Part of the 2 elected or appointed officials eligible for a comped membership  

Q: Is there a cap on the number of members you can have in a UPP? 
A: Utilities should have a minimum of five employees to participate in the program. There is no upper limit to the number of WEF members that may be added to your UPP account.

What if someone leaves the utility in the middle of a membership cycle? 
A: The utility has paid for the membership. Therefore, if the utility notifies us, WEF will terminate the membership. WEF will then transfer the remaining membership dues toward another employee’s dues. 

Q: Are there Member Associations that do not participate in the Utility Partnership Program? 
A: At this time, five Member Associations in the United States and Canada do not accept UPP's programs.

  • Arizona Water Association
  • New Jersey Water Environment Association
  • Quebec–Réseau Environment
  • Water Environment Association of South Carolina

Q: What if the employee's membership cycle is different from the UPP's? 
A: WEF staff will review each individual membership cycle. They will pro-rate an individual’s membership cycle to fit into the UPP cycle.

Q: How are UPP renewals handled? 
A: Each UPP is asked to designate a UPP Contact person. Two months prior to renewal, WEF will send the UPP Contact person an invoice. This timeframe is to allow the Contact person enough time to review the invoice and make any changes. If there are changes, the Contact person sends the changes back to WEF and a revised invoice is created and sent back to the Contact person.

Q: Will the individual member receive a renewal notice? 
A: The individual member should not receive a renewal notice. One of the benefits of having a UPP is to avoid having numerous employees submit membership renewals at different times throughout the year.

Q: Will the individual member receive a WEF membership card? 
A: Yes, each WEF member is an individual member, and a membership card will be sent once the UPP invoice has been paid. Individuals will also receive a welcome phone call.

Q: Are the individual UPP members eligible for WEF member benefits? 
A: Yes, they are eligible for WEF member benefits.

join the utility partnership program now

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