The Utility Management Committee is the preeminent Committee within WEF for educating and assisting utility managers on ways to make their operations and infrastructure more effective and sustainable.

The main goal of the Utility Management Committee (UMC) is to promote the adoption of effective and sustainable management practices across all aspects of wastewater utility operations.

The UMC shall review, analyze and share the latest techniques and strategies for the best management of organizations and the successful operation of effective utilities, professional consulting practices, or any organization engaged in the management of water and wastewater operations. It shall endeavor to develop appropriate and timely educational and outreach tools and techniques (workshops, presentations, webinars, white papers, technical sessions at the annual conference, written manuals of practice) to educate and train utility managers at all levels to meet the ongoing mission, goals and objectives of the Water Environment Federation.

The UMC meets twice per year to conduct the business of the Committee, to receive updates on current WEF Management initiatives and to continue work on the annual action programs of each of the UMC Subcommittees.

Committee Membership Application


Todd Swingle, 2018 - 2020
Email:  [email protected]


Mike Martin, 2017 - 2020
Tel:  414-225-2148
Email: [email protected]

Zonetta English, 2019-2020
Tel: 502-540-6706
Email: [email protected]

Communication Manager

Jon Grant
[email protected]

Staff Manager

Lisa McFadden
Tel: 703-684-2400 ext. 7060
Email: [email protected]

CIP Planning and Delivery Subcommittee "2019 Project Management Survey"

The WEF UMC CIP Planning and Delivery Subcommittee "2019 Project Management Survey" results present CIP delivery needs, project management (PM) processes, PM technology needs, and PM training needs (Use your mouse to hover over elements in the results and select filters for additional information).


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Utility Management Subcommittees

Facilities Management
David Chamberlain - Chair
[email protected]

Finance and Administration
 Jon Davis - Chair
 [email protected]

CIP Planning and Delivery
 Aditya Ramamurthy - Chair
[email protected]


Strategic Organizational Practices
 Ryan Nagel - Chair
 [email protected]

Workforce Sustainability
Richard Gerstberger - Chair
[email protected]