Encouraging Student and Young Professional Involvement at WEF

Leaders from WEF's Students and Young Professionals Committee participate in the WEF Community Service Project at the Treme Community Center in New Orleans.

The mission of WEF's Students and Young Professionals Committee (SYPC) is to encourage and facilitate student and young professional involvement in WEF and the Member Associations through professional development and leadership opportunities. The SYPC is made up of students, young professionals, academics and water quality professionals.

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To apply to this committee, please go to [email protected] and send an email with the following information:

  • Name
  • WEF ID Number
  • Committee of Interest
  • A short explanation of why you would like to join this committee (1 – 2 sentences).

For more information regarding WEF's SYPC, contact the SYPC Chair, Vice Chairs or Subcommittee Leaders featured on this page. We welcome your questions and participation in the WEF SYPC!

Pono Hanson, 2021 - 2022
Tel:  703-340-1081
Email:  [email protected]

1st Vice-Chair
Bernadette Drouhard, 2021 - 2022
Tel: 770-754-3933
Email: [email protected]  

2nd Vice Chair
Natalie Cook, 2021- 2022 
Email: [email protected]

Staff Manager
Students and Young Professionals Manager
Email: TBD

Pono Hanson

Committee Role: SYPC Chair
Job: Project Engineer
Company: Brown and Caldwell
Location: Alexandria, VA
Member Association: Chesapeake Water Environment Association
Email: [email protected]

Bernadette Drouhard

Committee Role: SYPC 1st Vice Chair
Job: Process Specialist, Water Division
CompanyBlack & Veatch
Location: Atlanta, GA
Member AssociationGeorgia Association of Water Professionals
Email: [email protected]

Natalie Cook

Committee Role: SYPC 2nd Vice Chair
Water and Wastewater Engineer
Company: Donohue & Associates, Inc.
Location: Chicago, IL
Member Association: Central States Water Environment Association
Email: [email protected]

Nashita Naureen

Committee Role: SYPC Immediate Past Chair 2020-2021
Job: Civil Engineer, Water
Company: Black & Veatch
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Member Association: AZ Water
Email: [email protected]

EJ Katsoulas

Committee Role: YP Workshop Subcommittee Co-Chair
Job: Water/Wastewater Engineer
Company: Tetra Tech
Location: Denver, CO
Member Association: Rocky Mountain Water Environment Association
Email: [email protected]

Guy Yager

Committee Role: YP Workshop Subcommittee Co-Chair
Job: Civil Engineer, Water
Company: Black & Veatch
Location: Walnut Creek, CA
Member Association: California Water Environment Association
Email: [email protected]

Stephanie Castro

Committee Role: Student Design Competition Subcommittee Co-Chair
Job: Water Resources Specialist
Company: Arcadis
Location: White Plains, NY
Member Association: New York Water Environment Association
Email: [email protected]

Annie Sager


Committee Role: Student Design Competition Subcommittee Co-Chair
Job: General Engineer 
Company: U.S. Coast Guard
Location: Washington, D.C.
Member Association: Virginia Water Environment Association
Email: [email protected]

Maria Claudia Reed

Committee Role: WEF Community Service Project Subcommittee Chair (2022)
Job: Wastewater Engineer
Company: Brown and Caldwell
Location: Portland, OR
Member Association: Pacific Northwest Clean Water Association
Email: [email protected]

Josh Donegan


Committee Role: WEF Community Service Project Subcommittee Chicago Immediate Past Chair (2021)
Job: Environmental Engineer
Company: AECOM
Location: Salt Lake City, UT
Member Association: Water Environment Association of Utah
Email: [email protected]

Anniestacia Miskel

Committee Role: WEF Community Service Project Subcommittee Vice Chair (2024 NOLA Chair)
Job: Water Engineer
Company: Arcadis
Location: Mobile, AL
Member Association: Alabama's Water Environment Association
Email: [email protected]

Stephanie Schramm

Committee Role: Water Palooza Subcommittee Chair
Job: Wastewater Process Engineer
Company: Jacobs
Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
Member Association: North Carolina AWWA-WEA
Email: [email protected]


Kahao Lim

Committee Role: Student Activities Subcommittee Chair
Job: PhD Student
Company: Kansas State University
Location: Manhattan, KS
Member Association: Kansas Water Environment Association 
Email[email protected]

Vicki Chou

Committee Role: Fundamentals Workshops Chair
Job: Global Community Engagement Program Manager
Company: Arcadis
Location: Queens, New York
Member Association: New York Water Environment Association  
Email: [email protected]