The Small Community Committee provides a forum for the transfer of technology and training between local decision-makers and operators of small community facilities.

The Small Community Committee supports WEF membership to better assist small communities with sustainable solutions. The Small Community Committee vision is to seek out, assess, and promote those skills, technologies, processes, and structures that contribute to the sustainable preservation and enhancement of the water environment.

The guiding principles of the committee include:

  • Integrate management of all water resources.
  • Promote affordable and effective solutions and management for small communities.
  • Facilitate sustainable practices in small community infrastructure.

Committee Membership Application




Mike Hines, 2014 - 2018
Tel: 865/675-5917


John Buchanan, 2014 - 2018
Tel: 865/974-7266

 Staff Liaison

Lisa McFadden
Tel: 703-684-2400 ext. 7060