This is a subcommittee of the Board Governance Committee and is comprised of at least two current or past Trustees and two current or past Delegates.

The purpose of the Bylaws Subcommittee is to: 1). Recommend proposed amendments to the WEF Bylaws to the Board; and 2). Examine the Bylaws and revisions thereof of Member Associations to see that they are consistent with WEF objectives and are not in conflict with with the Bylaws of WEF, as well as the Board and House policies.

If you are a current or past Delegate or Trustee who is interested in serving on this subcommittee, please contact the Chair or Staff Manager.

WEF Bylaws (pdf)


Mike Kyle, 2019 - 2021
Tel:  717-344-5832
Email:  [email protected]


Jenny Hartfelder, 2019-2021
Tel: 303-291-2174
Email: [email protected]

Staff Manager

Kelsey Hurst
Tel: 703-684-2477
Email: [email protected]