The committee shall make recommendations to the Board of Trustees for recipients of the WEF awards and recognition.

The committee shall develop and administer the criteria for annual evaluation of nominations for WEF awards and recognitions established by the Board of Trustees. The committee will provide oversight of WEF's program of awards and recognitions, to ensure that the program appropriately represents the scope of the WEF vision and mission, and make recommendations to the Board of Trustees to change or add awards and recognitions as needed.

To apply to this committee, please go to [email protected] and send an email with the following information:

  • Name
  • WEF ID Number
  • Committee of Interest
  • A short explanation of why you would like to join this committee (1 – 2 sentences).




Carol Martinson, 2021 - 2023
Tel:  307-745-4747
Email: [email protected]


Colin Fitzgerald, 2021 - 2023
Tel: 651-247-5817
Email: [email protected]

Staff Manager

Ama Richardson, Senior Manager-Association Engagement
ph: 703-684-2400, ext. 7220
e-mail: [email protected]