The Gascoigne Medal was established in recognition of George Bradley Gascoigne, a prominent consultant who exhibited a great deal of interest in the operation of wastewater treatment plants. The medal is awarded to the author(s) of an article which presents the solution of an important and complicated operational problem within a full-scale, operating wastewater treatment plant which is appropriately staffed.


  1. Papers must demonstrate a sound problem solving technique and should encompass the recognition and definition of the problem.
  2. The work should describe the rationale of the solution as well as verification of its successful implementation.
  3. The solution may include changes in operation procedures and incorporation of minor plant additions, modifications, and improvements, including the judicious application of chemicals.
  4. Articles published in WEF Conference Proceedings, WEF periodical or in a WEF Member Association publication during the calendar year immediately prior to its consideration are eligible for nomination. Nominations are solicited for articles published in Member Association

  • Nomination Form
  • Specific reasons for nomination, indicating how the article meets the criteria of the award (one page maximum)
  • Any other supporting material required under criteria or that you feel would be helpful in the selection process.

Nominations Accepted From:

  • WEF Member Associations
  • All articles published in WEF periodicals are eligible for nomination.

Nominations Deadline:

A final copy of your nomination must be received by March 31.


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