Residuals and Biosolids Community

The WEF Residuals and Biosolids Community (RBC) shall develop, recommend, and assist in conducting programs to provide information regarding management options, regulatory compliance, and current practices for residuals and biosolids.

The Residuals and Biosolid Community (RBC) develops and promotes cost-effective practices and policies in biosolids and energy technologies associated with municipal, agricultural, and industrial wastewater residuals for the protection of the environment.

RBC supports scientifically sound and environmentally friendly regulatory practices and policies to improve and standardize carbon emission accounting and tracking practices while promoting cooperation between government agencies, associations, corporations, and the public.

RBC advances the industry through recruiting, mentoring, and developing the residuals and biosolids profession.

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RBC educates the members, public, and policymakers on residuals and biosolids issues through the development of practices and services that assist WEF members in serving the public interest regarding scientifically sound residuals and biosolids environmental practices and regulation.

Access the Residuals and Biosolids Community Plan and learn more about the National Biosolids Partnership.

Access the Residuals and Biosolids Community New Member Welcome Packet

Dru Whitlock, 2023 - 2025
Tel:  801-617-3328

Vice Chair
Natalie Sierra, 2023 - 2025
Tel: (650) 533-3892

2nd Vice Chairs
Rashi Gupta, 2023 - 2025
Tel:  714-788-1925

Past Chair
Karri Ving, 2021 - 2023
Tel:  415-676-1890

WEF Staff Manager
Victoria Weitekamp
Tel: 1.703-684-2400 ext. 7805

Focus Groups

Association of Biosolids and Byproducts Associations (ABBA) Focus Group

Mission: To enable efficient exchange of residuals and biosolids management information in all the regions/states/provinces in the U. S. and Canada with various biosolids groups.

Chair: Ryan Batjiaka
San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
Resource Recovery

Vice Chair: Nickolas Hines
Material Matters, Inc.

WEF Staff Manager: Victoria Weitekamp

Bioenergy Technology Focus Group

Mission: The Bioenergy Technology Focus Group promotes biosolids and energy technologies associated with municipal, agricultural, and industrial wastewater residuals to sustain a healthy environment.


  • To promote bioenergy technologies, both in image and use
  • To become the information source for bioenergy technologies
  • To be a recognized impartial resource for the public, public officials, and utilities
  • To be a technical resource for bioenergy regulations development

 Technology Task Force Activities:

  • Biofuels
  • High Performance Digestion
  • Thermal Drying
  • Thermal Oxidation and High Temperature (Pyrolysis, Gasification)
  • Combined Heat and Power
  • Co-Digestion
  • Funding

Recent releases:  

Chair: Mandy Sheposh, 2023-2025
Johnson Controls

Vice Chair: Marcel Pomerleau2023-2025
EnviroCare International

WEF Staff Manager: Victoria Weitekamp

Biosolids Products Use and Communication Focus Group


  • To promote the beneficial reuse of Animal, Municipal, and Industrial residuals through scientific and environmentally sound management.
  • To promote mutually beneficial relationships between agricultural, industrial, and municipal residuals generators to solve common problems without increased use of resources.
  • To promote cooperation between government agencies, associations, corporations and the public to improve professional education and the management of agricultural, industrial, and municipal residuals.


  • To identify stakeholders key to the beneficial reuse of residuals.
  • To identify common needs, expectations, and opportunities between stakeholders.
  • To identify existing association meetings, conferences, seminars sharing information on the beneficial reuse of residuals.
  • To facilitate workshops and conferences to promote beneficial use of residuals.
  • To identify financial resources to facilitate beneficial reuse of residuals.

Technical Resources:

Chair: Eric Spargimino, 2023-2025
CDM Smith

Vice Chair: Open

WEF Staff Manager: Victoria Weitekamp

Greenhouse Gas Focus Group

The mission of the Greenhouse Gas Focus Group of the Residuals and Biosolids Community is act as a clearing house for information on carbon emission accounting and to identify additional industry research needs as follows:


  • Promote scientifically sound carbon emission tracking and accounting practices and regulation.
  • Help develop and promote carbon emission accounting practices and policies that assist WEF members in serving the public interest
  • To promote cooperation between government agencies, associations, corporations and the public to improve and standardize carbon emission accounting and tracking practices.
  • Deliver high-quality products and services to our members and stakeholders.


  • Track carbon emission research and sharing relevant information from regional, national, and international organizations with the Carbon Emissions Focus Group and RBC
  • Identify information “gaps” in GHG inventory models that may be addressed through WERF studies
  • Coordinate with other organizations with similar interests, including the WEF Sustainability Community of Practice and the NACWA – Biosolids Management and Climate & Energy Committee
  • Coordinate with The Climate Registry and ICLEI on potential modifications to the Local Government Operations Protocol 
  • Sponsor, organize, and participate in carbon emission accounting information sharing opportunities such as workshops and presentations at the local, regional, and national level.
  • Become a technical resource for carbon emissions tracking and accounting information

Fact Sheets:

Chair: David Ponder 2022-2024
U.S. Water Alliance

Vice Chair Emma Shen 2022-2024

WEF Staff Manager: Victoria Weitekamp

RBC Specialty Conference Focus Group

The Specialty Conference Focus Group assists in the planning and implementation of the annual Residuals Management Conference.

Chair: Kathryn Crestani
Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District

Vice Chair: Alex Kraemer
Harvest Technology, LLC
Email: AKraemer@Harvest.LLC

WEF Staff Conference Contact: Julianne Jones

Solids Separation Focus Group


To promote solids thickening and dewatering knowledge transfer through collaboration between the industry and academia to optimize processes and develop technologies that meet the needs of biosolids handling facilities.


  • To strengthen synergies between academia and the industry
  • To promote and advance “real world” application of scientifically sound thickening and dewatering research.
  • To become a thickening and dewatering technical resource for the public, municipalities, consultants and manufacturers.

Dewatering Factsheet Series:

Chair: Ed Fritz, 2022 - 2024
Operators Unlimited, Inc

Vice Chair: Natalia Perez, 2022 - 2024
NYC Department of Environmental Protection 

WEF Staff Manager: Victoria Weitekamp

Young Professionals Focus Group

Mission: The RBC YP Focus Group mission is to facilitate the exchange of ideas & knowledge in a multi-generational space by engaging students and young professionals to promote effective collaboration, develop original technical content, and network across WEF’s other YP communities.


  • To promote transfer of knowledge to WEF YP professionals on solids treatment at the student, graduate student, and junior engineer level
  • To facilitate curriculum development in environmental engineering programs in the field of Residuals and Biosolids
  • Promote YP involvement in the RBC Leadership, Focus Groups, local Member Associations, Student Chapters and social gatherings
  • Expose RBC membership to new, alternative communication options and enable leveraging of those options for Community business
  • To facilitate community within the biosolids practice group.

Chair: Rick Vogt, 2023-2025

Vice Chair: Farokh Kakar, 2023-2025
Brown & Caldwell

WEF Staff Manager: Victoria Weitekamp

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