The purpose of this award is to encourage active and effective safety programs in the water environment field, and to recognize entities that not only invest their resources to develop high quality safety programs and adopt them within their own culture, but also actively seek out opportunities to share these programs with others in the water industry for the benefit of all.

This award is presented annually by WEF to an industry, municipality, organization, utility, or other entity engaged in the protection of the water environment to recognize the success of their efforts to promote safety and educate the water industry.


i. Documented safety program and materials.
ii. Documented success in improving or maintaining a safe working environment.
iii. Documented internal and external promotional programs.
iv. Documented cooperative and/or outreach programs.
v. Documented use of injury data.
vi. Other unique efforts demonstrated by the applicant related to promoting safety in the water environment field.


  • Online Nomination Form
  • Release Form certifying that the applicant is not currently under any review or active safety related litigation
  • One page description of the applicant's type of work/business or other relation to the water environment field.
  • One page narrative detailing the specific reasons for nomination.
  • Supporting exhibits that document and illustrate the applicant's safety efforts.
  • Any other supporting material required under the criteria, or that will help in the selection process.

WEF Membership Requirements for Application

The Nominator must be a current (not expired) WEF Member, in order for the Nominee to be considered for this Award.

*If the nomination is being submitted by a Member Association (MA), please indicate the MA name within the application in lieu of a WEF Member ID #.

If needed, contact WEF’s Customer Service Center for WEF Member ID information: | 1-800-666-0206 | 703-684-2400 | International Members/Customers: 1-571-830-1545

Nominations Accepted From:

Member Associations
WEF Members

Nominations Deadline:

Application will be available annually on January 15 and close annually on March 31 at 11:59PM (Eastern).


Questions or Comments?

Contact: Rebecca Culhane
Manager, Awards and Scholarships
Phone: 1 + (703-684-2400) x7070