The WEF Public Communication & Outreach Program Awards recognize WEF members for significant accomplishments in promoting public awareness and the understanding of water environment issues through the development and implementation of outreach, education and/or communication programs. WEF Member Associations, individual WEF members, and other (non-WEF/MA) organizations, including groups, events and campaigns, are eligible for this award.

Please review the categories below and confirm that your nomination is made for the applicable category. 


i. Individual - to be awarded to an individual person, who is a WEF member in good standing, for extraordinary communication and outreach efforts.

ii. WEF Member Association- to be awarded to a WEF Member Association or to a utility or civic program, project, or effort specifically sponsored or recommended by a WEF MA in recognition of outstanding, unique, and/or effective communicative, educational association outreach program development.

iii. Utilities, Corporations, or Groups - to be awarded to an exceptional project, program, or other outreach effort by a utility, corporation, or group of individuals including WEF or MA member involvement but outside of the WEF/MA organization.

Purpose of Award Program:

To encourage, recognize, and reward WEF-affiliated individuals and groups that provide exemplary effort to engage and educate the public on water environment issues via WEF-driven outreach, public education and/or public communications programs and activities.

Evaluation Criteria (Same for each Category):

  • Originality/Creative Use of WEF Materials.
  • Enthusiasm of sponsoring entity and the public that was the target of the program.
  • Depth and breadth of audience reached.
  • Use of creative or innovative concepts or application.
  • Ability to set and achieve goals, demonstrated by measurable results.
  • Level of volunteer efforts as opposed to paid assistance. If paid assistance is used (which is understood to sometimes be required), provide the justification as to why it was required.
  • Program continuity – is the event one-time, repetitive, or is undergoing development.
  • Involvement of youth, Young Professionals, other constituencies.
  • Training, mentoring, and/or succession planning elements if the program is repetitive or ongoin
  • Sphere of outreach - local; regional; national; government influence.

How to apply:

  • Online Nomination Form
  • One-page background information: for category i award, pertinent biography of individual nominee(s); for category ii award, history of MA or related program nominee; for category iii award, description and history of utility, corporation, or group nominee(s).
  • Specific reasons for nomination (one page maximum).
  • A detailed narrative description of the activities or efforts, including the objectives, results, exceptional creativity, influence, use of resources, other remarkable features, accomplishments (three page maximum)
  • Documented evidence of the individual's or program's results and lasting effects (one page maximum)

Qualified Applicants:

  • WEF Member Associations and Committees
  • WEF Individual Members
  • WEF Business and Corporate Members Committees
  • Outside Organization (if the effort is led by a WEF Individual or Corporate Member)

Nominations Deadline:

Application will be available annually on January 15 and close March 31.