From small municipalities to large metropolitan areas, from a single asset to multiple sites, automated water and wastewater systems range from a few control points to millions. This webinar will discuss the criteria that need to be considered when implementing an automation system that can scale: architecture, and maximum number of users and control points are the most obvious to come to mind, as an underperforming system can have a huge impact on the availability and quality of service of your application.

Other aspects like the ease of development, roll-out, and upgrade are equally important. The total cost of ownership (TCO) of a poorly designed automation system can have a huge impact on the bottom line.

As mobility and remote operations are becoming the norm, we will discuss the case of a remote monitoring and control application. Please join us and learn how you can prevent your automation system from becoming the weakest link in your operations. 

Amy Wooten, Product Manager, GE Digital

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