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This is a Sponsor eShowcase presented by FLEXIM

The Covid Pandemic has affected everyone. Water and Wastewater operators and maintenance personnel have an urgent need to improve resource management, increase revenue, and re-use water while meeting ever-increasing regulatory requirements at the same time reducing operational costs.

Clamp-On Ultrasonic flow measurement is a good choice for meeting the requirement. Ultrasonic is quickly becoming the most commonly deployed type of flowmeter. This is due to new developments in the technology that enable the ultrasonic meters to accurately measure very low flow rates from 0.003 ft/sec velocity and very high flow rates 80 ft/sec velocity on pipes that range in size from 0.5” to 120 inches both old and new. With the ability to measure bi-directional flow, pulsating flow and multiple pipes with a single meter FLEXIM can measure everywhere in drinking water production, treatment, and distribution, as well as wastewater collections, treatment, effluent and environmental monitoring. 

Please join FLEXIM's John Van Nostrand for a Webinar illustrating how these technology improvements enable ultrasonic flowmeters to be used in places never dreamed before. Learn how you can accurately measure the flow of liquids non-intrusively through proven clamp-on transit-time correlation technology and how it plays an important role in the water and wastewater operations.

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