This webinar for WEF members will provide practical tools and proven tactics to improve biosolids storytelling to the public. Attendees will learn about the messaging “stool” that features three legs of soundbites, statistics, and stories. The latest research on public opinion on biosolids will be shared. The webinar will explore the methods and tools that are available for distributing biosolids messages, including social media, blogs, and videos. Attendees will learn about building relationships with third-party validators for biosolids, who can help tell the story to others in the community. They will learn how to prepare to build support and respond to biosolids critics. Speakers include:

  • Travis Loop, Water Environment Federation, on messaging
  • Sarah Mason-Renton, Lystek, on public opinion research
  • Jeff Spence, Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District, on the story of Milorganite
  • Saul Kinter, DC Water, on third-party validators
  • Dan Meagher, Region of Waterloo, on public engagement
  • Manon Fisher, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, on responding to critics

Please note this webcast is for WEF members only.

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