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For many years water utilities have been faced with minimizing water loss. Until recently, calculating water loss as a percentage of the total water treated was a widely accepted method. The problem was the figures could be easily misinterpreted, and little was being done to actually improve the amount of water lost.

AWWA has identified this problem as an opportunity to help water utilities understand, identify, manage, and improve water loss concerns by introducing M-36. It is recommended that every water utility accurately meter all water taken into its system and all water distributed from its system at its customers’ point of service. Water loss prevention methods such as meter verification, and leak detection are major activities where metering will be required as part of any water management plan.

Please join us for a Webinar to learn about how FLEXIM’s flow meter technology that measures the flow of liquids non-intrusively through proven clamp-on transit-time correlation technology and how it plays an important role in the water loss management plan.

Speaker: John Van Nostrand

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