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This is a Sponsor eShowcase presented by Evoqua Water Technologies

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The pH level of your wastewater determines whether or not the neighbors can tolerate the smell of your pump station! This webinar illustrates how the pH of your wastewater affects the release of nuisance odors. There is a direct correlation between flow rates and the amount of chemicals needed to adjust the pH of your wastewater. Just like highways have rush hours in the morning and evening, wastewater has the same heavy use twice a day. The flow rate increases and decreases, necessitating the need for varying dosage levels. There is technology that will add the correct amount of chemicals based on flow rate that will mitigate odors regardless of the time of day. The neighbors will appreciate it! Learn how this technology works and how it can be applied to your community.

Presented by Calvin Horst, Project Manager for Odor Control, Evoqua Water and Technologies, and Justin Stewart, Applications Engineer, Evoqua Water Technologies.

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