Held by the International Water Association (IWA), in collaboration with the Water Environment Federation (WEF)  

The 12th annual IWA Specialist Conference on Instrumentation, Control and Automation (ICA) is an international conference intended at bringing together different methodologies and aspects of sensor technology, instrumentation, control and automation for the water, wastewater, and transportation systems.

Main conference themes include: sensors and instrumentation, modeling and simulation for control, control systems, detection and early warming systems, diagnosis systems, life cycle analysis, practical experiences with ICA, Internet of thins (ioT), Cyber security, and Big Data.

This event is co-located with the WEF Stormwater Seminar

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The Water Environment Federation will hold an interactive two-day Stormwater Seminar, in conjunction with ICA2017 (www.ica2017.org), on the use of smart systems/big data for innovative approaches to stormwater management.

This event will be beneficial to students, professionals exploring stormwater data management options, and those currently involved in all aspects of stormwater management.   Participants will enjoy coffee breaks and lunch each day and will also receive a workbook of presented materials.  Seminar attendees can register for additional programming (fees apply) including: the full ICA 2017 conference; Sewer-related Wednesday only at ICA2017; and the Wednesday ICA2017 conference dinner.  


Day 1


Training Day Schedule: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm


The first day of the event consists of presentations on Canadian and American programs/projects and discussion opportunities.


Presentation Topics (To Be Confirmed):


  1. Lessons Learned from Using Continuous Monitoring in Stormwater Research
  2. Utilizing Real-Time Automated Controls to Minimize Cost and Maximize Performance of a Flood Control BMP
  3. Intelligent Platforms for Stormwater Management
  4. Green Infrastructure and Management of Assets
  5. Using Technology to Improve Stormwater Data Management
  6. Triple Bottom Line Analysis of Green Infrastructure Approaches to Urban Stormwater Management
  7. Pervious Concrete Characterization using Computer Tomography
  8. New Technologies and Management Strategies of the Digital Utility of the Future
  9. Historical BMP Monitoring Lesson Learned Impacting the Role Big Data in the Stormwater Sector
  10. Use of Monitoring and Control, Advanced Communications Networks, and the Internet to Provide Installation Information, Systems Adjustments, and Improved Efficiency


Presenter Organizations (To Be Confirmed): Capital Region Watershed District, Minnesota; MWH/Stantec; Oklahoma State University; University of Michigan; CDM Smith; Herrera Environmental Consultants; Xylem



Day 2


Training Schedule: 8:30 am – 2:15 pm

The second day of the seminar will focus on overcoming social and technical barriers for the broad adoption of smart stormwater systems.  The program will consist of presentations, guided discussion, break-out sessions, and a final summary session.

Facilitator: Branko Kerkez, Assistant Professor, University of Michigan, Civil and Environmental                                    Engineering

  • Presentation
    • State of the Art Stormwater Sensor and Control Solutions Summary
  • Guided Discussion
    • What do you see as the major benefits and barriers in the adoption of smart stormwater systems? 
  • Breakout Topic 1
    • What are the social and management barriers to adoption to smart stormwater systems?
    • How do the public and managers perceive the safety, relevance, and investment into “smart” water systems?
  • Breakout Topic 2
    • Develop a set of case studies that can be used to vet the future efficacy of smart stormwater systems. 
  • Summary Breakout:
    • Define the research horizon. What are the key technical challenges that must be addressed before smart stormwater systems become reality? 


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