Student Responsibilities and Eligibility

Eligibility for Program Requires you to Meet the Following:

  • Full-time undergraduate or graduate student at a participating School/University​
  • Must be in your junior or senior year or a master student in Fall 2024 to apply
  • Majoring in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics) field​ (note majoring in engineering is not required)
  • 18 years of age or older​by the time you attend WEFTEC
  • Represent a historically underrepresented racial and/or ethnic group.​ WEF defines this as those who identify as Black/African, Caribbean/West Indies, Hispanic/LatinX, Asian/Pasifika, and Native Americans/First Nations.
  • Experience in water is not required, but an interest in the water industry is encouraged.​
  • Professor Sponsor
    • Be your University advocate and assist in communicating with other professors about potentially missing class/asking for extensions on assignments due to conference travel
    • Fill out a review and recommendation form
    • Attend an orientation with other professor sponsors to learn more about program
    • WEFTEC registration cost can be provided by WEF


  • Required to participate in online activities in September and October 2024 (See Agenda)​
  • Required to attend annual WEFTEC 2024 in New Orleans, Illinois from October 5-9, 2024, and fully participate in all scheduled activities​
  • Willing to fully participate with WEF Staff, Sponsors, & Members before and after WEFTEC 2024​
  • Responsibly represent their School/University during WEF InFLOW events and while in New Orleans, Louisiana.​
  • Follow Louisiana State and Federal Laws, including not consuming alcohol if under 21.​

WEF will directly cover the cost for the following:​

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