Water Week 2021 - April 25 - May 1, 2021, was a great success!

Save the Date:  Water Week 2022 - April 24-30, 2022!

Mark your calendars!  We plan to return in person in Washington, DC, in 2022!

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the essential role water utilities provide their communities and the important role the water sector has with federal policymakers in Washington DC. While Water Week 2021  took place in a virtual setting again this year, it continues to be the main event for water professionals from around the country to come together and continue the advocacy momentum as one united voice for the water sector.

This year’s featured Water Week event was the Water Week Policy Zoom-In. This free webinar, hosted jointly by this year’s Water Association Partners provides attendees the opportunity to hear directly from key EPA officials and Members of Congress on the important regulatory and legislative water policies they are working on now and in the years ahead.

If you were not able to listen to the event during Water Week, you will be listen to a recording!  It will be posted shortly!

Additional Water Week Events and Activities

In addition to the Water Week Policy Zoom-In, there were a number of events and activities for water professionals to participate in to support and advocate for water.  

Water Advocacy Update & How to Virtually Lobby Congress During Water Week 2021

This webcast walks participants through the latest from Capitol Hill, the water sector’s key issues and talking points, and tools and tips for engaging during Water Week and beyond– such as setting up Zoom congressional office visits. NACWA, WEF, WateReuse and The Water Research Foundation are urging all members to view this webcast and reach out to Congress to advocate for support for the water sector.

WEF/NMSA Stormwater Policy Recommendation & How to Virtually Lobby Congress

To prepare for potential meetings with your Members of Congress, the WEF Stormwater Institute is hosted a webcast  to explain and discuss the stormwater specific asks in the 2021 Recommendations to Improve the Stormwater Program in the U.S. document. We will also explain how you can participate in Water Week and the Fly-In virtually. 

Stormwater Policy Forum Webcasts – Parts 1 and 2

During Water Week 2021, WEF’s Stormwater Institute virtually hosted the fifth annual Stormwater Policy Forum. Participants were able hear the latest legislative and regulatory updates as well as policy trends and emerging topics. These webcasts were recorded and links will be available soon.

During the Part 1 of the recorded webcast, you will hear from U.S. EPA officials on a variety of topics including stormwater permits, integrated planning, and wet weather issues. Additionally, Capitol Hill legislative staff will explain recent and pending legislation pertaining to stormwater. 

During the Part 2 of the recorded webcast, you will hear from Marissa Aho, the City of Houston’s Chief Resilience Officer, about the city’s resilience strategy. A hot topics panel will also include discussions on trash, maintenance, and environmental justice and diversity in the stormwater sector. 

As a valued member of the water community, we put your health and safety above all else. We eagerly look forward to seeing you in person at Water Week in 2022 and appreciate your continued involvement and support as we all navigate these challenging times.  If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].

Additionally, WEF’s Water Advocates grassroot program allows all WEF members and the public to write Congress at any time regarding the calls-to-action posted on the site, such as the current call-to-action to Congress urging support for water infrastructure funding be included in any coronavirus emergency relief and recovery package that includes funding for municipal infrastructure. 

By visiting the Water Week website, you can view many of the resources used to make a successful event!

We are all looking forward to Water Week 2022! 

How to Virtually Participate in Water Week


This spring, WEF and our partners in the water sector, held a webinar – Water Advocacy Update and How to Virtually Lobby Congress During Water Week 2021.

In addition, please continue to use the Water Week 2021 one pager and share it with your own Members of Congress as you reach out for support!

Thanks again for supporting our Water Week 2021!

Water Week One Pager

  • Infographics: These infographics were created by WEF to be used in communicating the value of water and importance of investment in infrastructure. They can be used as handouts during discussions and shared on social media.
  • Suggested Activities:
    • Contact your congressional office: Contact the offices of your members of Congress. Let them know it is Water Week and voice your support for the policy asks. Invite them to visit a water facility or project. 

    • Post to social media: Be active on social media. Use #WaterWeek2021 in your posts. Voice support for funding and policies outlined in the document. Tag your members of Congress. Follow and share posts from WEF on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

    • Publish an op-ed or blog: Use the policy request document as the basis for an op-ed for the local newspaper or blog for your website. Include local examples of why water is important and why investment is needed.

    • Join WEF’s Water Advocates: It is a grassroots advocacy program that makes it easy for WEF members to engage with their federal elected officials on matters of importance to the water sector. Membership is free and you will raise your profile among your water professional colleagues as a champion for our sector. 

If you have any questions about Water Week, please contact Steve Dye at [email protected].

Thank you for adding your voice to WEF’s advocacy for water!

Future Water Week Dates

Water Week 2021
April 25 - May 1, 2021

Water Week 2022
April 24 - April 30, 2022

For more information, please visit https://www.waterweek.us/

WEF, AMWA, AWWA, NACWA, USWA, WateReuse, WRF, and WWEMA have agreed upon these future dates.

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