Make your voice heard! WEF’s Water Advocates program empowers you to share your knowledge and expertise to inform government decision-makers about the importance of water.

Aging infrastructure, strict requirements, and continued economic pressures have put unprecedented stress on local governments and agencies that provide essential water services. Elected officials are being called upon to make tough choices that will impact water quality and the viability of our communities for generations to come.

Let’s speak with a loud, united voice for water. The Water Advocates Program helps you to reach out to and connect with elected officials on important water quality issues.

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Seek Coronavirus Relief for Water

As Congress responds to the COVID‐19 crisis, significant funding should be allocated to help offset revenue losses by water and wastewater utilities and to support the continuation of services to all users.

Specifically, Congress should provide assistance in three specific areas:

  • $4 billion to help low-income and unemployed ratepayers during the coronavirus crisis;
  • $26 billion in aid to drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater utilities for steep revenue losses from commercial and industrial clients, and;
  • At least $73 billion in assistance for water infrastructure construction to help stimulate the economy as the nation recovers from the crisis.

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Seek Coronavirus Relief
for Water

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Increase Water Appropriations in FY 2022

For fiscal year 2022, it is necessary that the appropriation amounts for the State Revovling Fund (SRF) programs be doubled. At least $2.8 billion is needed for the Clean Water SRF and $1.3 billion is needed for the Drinking Water SRF. The Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (WIFIA) program also should be funded at $55 million for FY22.

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Increase Water
Appropriations in FY22


Always Include Water In Infrastructure Packages

Congress needs to include robust funding for drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater infrastructure in all forthcoming water infrastructure packages. Water infrastructure affects all Americans. It protects public health and the environment and drives the economy. In fact, closing the investment gap in water infrastructure would generate more than $220 billion in annual economic activity and generate 1.3 million jobs over 10 years.

In the expected infrastructure package, Congress should maintain essential funding for core water infrastructure and support an expanded role of federal agencies in ensuring funding for clean and reliable water. Cost-effective infrastructure repair and replacement can have an enormous effect on the quality of life for communities across the U.S.

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Always Include Water
in Infrastructure

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