Thank you to all our of Water Advocates for your advocacy during the 117th Congress! New advocacy letters will be posted soon!

Make your voice heard! WEF’s Water Advocates program empowers you to share your knowledge and expertise to inform government decision-makers about the importance of water.

Aging infrastructure, strict requirements, and continued economic pressures have put unprecedented stress on local governments and agencies that provide essential water services. Elected officials are being called upon to make tough choices that will impact water quality and the viability of our communities for generations to come.

Let’s speak with a loud, united voice for water. The Water Advocates Program helps you to reach out to and connect with elected officials on important water quality issues.

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Ask Your House Member to Co-sponsor the WIPPES Act Today!

The Wastewater Infrastructure Pollution Prevention and Environmental Safety Act (WIPPES Act) (S. 3946/H.R. 4602) helps address the extensive and expensive problems caused by non-flushable wet wipes. The legislation would address the wipes problem in a straightforward and reasonable approach, by establishing “Do Not Flush” labeling requirements for non-flushable wet wipes product packaging. The bill would take a critical step in stopping the flushing of wet wipes at the source and, as a result, decrease the strains that the flushing of these products have upon property owners, infrastructure, ratepayers, and the surrounding environment.


Take Action on the PFAS Action Act

Ask your Senators to support a legislative fix to the PFAS Action Act. This suggested update will explicitly exempt wastewater and water agencies from Superfund liability if PFAS chemicals are designated as hazardous substances under Superfund.

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Fix the PFAS Action Act

Write your Members of Congress to urge them to provide robust funding for water infrastructure funding programs in the fiscal year 2023 budget!

Through the Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act (IIJA) last year, Congress demonstrated a historic federal commitment to support the efforts of communities to repair and upgrade their water infrastructure.

It’s now critical for Congress to include in the FY23 Budget full funding for the programs authorized in IIJA, as well as several additional existing programs. Without this funding, communities will struggle to make progress on the local water infrastructure investment that Congress pledged to support through the IIJA.


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The Committee shall provide direction and leadership on the formation of government environmental policies, interaction with WEF members and MAs on these policies, and implementation of sound environmental policies.

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