• EPA Announces New Water Quality Trading Policy Memorandum

    On Feb. 6 at an event in Georgia, EPA Acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler and Assistant Administrator for Water David Ross highlighted the Trump Administration’s efforts to accelerate investments in infrastructure and technology in an effort to improve America’s water quality. In an announcement, EPA said they are “seeking to modernize the agency’s water quality trading policies to leverage emerging technologies and facilitate broader adoption of market-based programs”.

  • Blending Rule Should Be Set by 2020

    May 11, 2018 - On May 9th, EPA released a semiannual regulatory agenda that lays out plans for a proposal date – July 2019 – and a rule date – July 2020- for blending wastewater. This means that EPA will decide by July 2020 the circumstances under which treatment plants can reroute some stormwater and sewage around the required treatment process and then combine both with treated water.