As Congress works on addressing the health and economic impacts of coronavirus – a national crisis that has put the importance of sanitation and the efforts of water utility workers at the forefront – its more important than ever for water professionals to engage with Congress. While the in-person National Water Policy Fly-In lobbying efforts are cancelled, we encourage everyone to join us for an update on Congressional advocacy and to hear how to engage during Water Week 2020 (April 26 – May 1). It will be critical for the water sector around the country to advocate for support for communities, utilities, and businesses in future coronavirus recovery packages out of Congress. Congress will also be working on other important policy and funding issues this year, including PFAS, workforce, annual appropriations, research and development funding, Clean Water SRF reauthorization, reauthorization of key water recycling programs, and the next Water Resources Development Act.

This webcast will walk participants through the latest from Capitol Hill, the water sector’s key issues and talking points, and tools and tips for engaging during Water Week – such as setting up Zoom congressional office visits and messaging resources for social media and community outreach during Water Week and beyond. NACWA, WEF, WateReuse and The Water Research Foundation are urging all members to participate in this webcast and reach out to Congress during Water Week to advocate for support for the water sector.

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