• Building Skills Helps Boost Operators' Knowledge

    Over the past few months, the coronavirus pandemic has underscored water professionals’ role as protectors of public health, and we’ve seen their extraordinary skill and knowledge in action.This unprecedented moment is an urgent reminder of how much the health and safety of communities around the world rely on the expertise of water professionals.I want to particularly highlight operators, whose work is often out of sight for most, but never out of mind for WEF.

  • Pulse Check - Coronavirus and Supply Chain Disruption

    With the water sector deeply involved in the response to the coronavirus pandemic, WEF administered a second in a series of quick, informal polls concerning the effect of the coronavirus pandemic on the sector. The focus of this poll was to gain some general insights into the effects on the supply chain.

  • Helping Water Utilities Mitigate COVID-19 Challenges

    Water professionals on the front lines in the water and wastewater sector, especially those in maintenance and facility operations, may not have the option of working from home during shutdowns like those caused by the coronavirus outbreak. In addition, each member has technically specialized knowledge unique to their community systems.

  • Pulse Check – Coronavirus and Workforce

    With the water sector protecting public health throughout the coronavirus pandemic, WEF administered a quick, informal poll to gain some insights into how this situation is affecting the water workforce. The results below were collected between March 23 and 28.

  • Introducing the Water Environment Research Virtual Issue

    This World Water Day, WEF’s research community has its eyes turned to public health issues and the treatment of unconventional contaminants. As data testing and analytics become more sophisticated, researchers are better able to detect contaminants in water that could have an adverse effect on public health. Fortunately, advances in treatment methodologies can also keep pace.