Water Technology Innovation Clusters

Water Technology Innovation Clusters Program

Water technology innovation clusters are regional groupings of businesses, government, research institutions, and other organizations focused on innovative technologies for clean water. These dense networks can help solve the nation's environmental challenges by spurring technology innovation.

WEF supports clusters through the Water Technology Innovation Clusters Program, formerly a U.S. EPA program, through the Leaders Innovation Forum for Technology (LIFT)The Clusters Program disseminates best practices in cluster development, connects clusters to relevant WEF programs, and maintains an inventory of U.S. clusters. 

For more information on this program, please contact WEF Technical Programs Manager Morgan Brown at [email protected].

About the Program

As drivers of innovation, clusters play an important role in addressing the nation’s pressing environmental issues.

About the Clusters Program

How Clusters Work

The goal of a water technology innovation cluster is to leverage a region’s assets to create economic opportunity and catalyze innovation.

How Clusters Work

How to Create a Cluster

This section offers guidance for stakeholders interested in starting a cluster initiative in their region. 

How to Start a Cluster

List of Clusters

The Clusters Program maintains an inventory of the environmental technology clusters and other known technology innovation efforts.

List of Clusters

Resources on Clusters

Our resources page provides more information on the clusters.

Resources on Innovation Clusters