Introducing Opportunity Youth to Careers in Water

CareerTech focuses on the local WEFTEC host communities (Chicago and New Orleans) to introduce opportunity youth to the wide array of career opportunities in water. While attending WEFTEC, scholars are guided through the water resource recovery process via facility tours, meetings with exhibitors and local utilities, a behind the scenes tour of Operations Challenge, participation in the WEF Community Service Project, as well as networking with peers and industry leaders. Following WEFTEC, scholars become members of WEF and their local water quality association where they are given ongoing opportunities for networking and education.


Who is invloved?

WEF partners with Corps Network chapters to recruit individuals who would benefit the most from participation in the CareerTech program. The Corps Network advances programs in local communities that transform young people through career development, conservation, and civic engagement. Through this involvement with the Corps Network, scholars are ideal candidates for water sector careers.

I learned a ton about water companies and their capabilities. It was very impressive to see how they function in the greater scheme of water technology. I also learned water industry-language and it has motivated me.

2019 CareerTech Scholar Chicago